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Sales Development Representative

We are building our GTM team and you'll be the third sales minded person. This is the first SDR role at Slite and so it's a unique opportunity to build the foundation of this part of the team 💫 . You’ll help define the role, create the playbook and generate opportunities for the Slite sales team.

Let's be honest, it will be challenging but the reward is massive if you're looking to leave your mark in an early stage company.


Hey there,

Brieuc Sebillotte
Sales and CS lead

Slite is gearing up for ever more exciting sales. We just released a premium and an enterprise plans to give even more chances to increase our MRR quickly this year.

Feel your impact: Slite is still early stage, everything we do matters & your impact is critical!

Join former members of Typeform & Eventbrite in this energetic & ambitious team:

A few words on Slite
On what we do, check out slite.com and if you're not a Slite user yet, give it a spin 🌀

More importantly, why we’re building Slite: we help teams work in more thoughtful manners, based on written culture, information transparency, asynchronous collaboration.

We work by these principles and evangelize on them.

Is this you?

Here are some of the key things we are looking for.

✅  Help to identify and profile

targets accounts based on market and firmographics.

✅  Engage

prospects with a variety of methods (Emails, Videos, Linkedin, ...)

✅  Generate interest and opportunities

to build a strong sales pipeline. Identifying high-potential areas of growth.

✅  Identify high-potential areas of growth,

Build creative ideas to generate engagement and interest.

✅  Help to build the SDR playbook

from the ground up.

✅  Work closely with Marketing and Product

to generate more opportunities.

✅  Ensure we have accurate data in our CRM

to drive the strategy for our future growth.

Someone you know?

Share this page, your friends will be able to say they were referred in their application.

If the person you recommend is hired, you'll get $3k or we'll donate a $5k grant to the NGO of your choice.

Sounds like you?

If that sounds like the perfect job for you, and you are the perfect fit for the job, we can;'t wait to speak!

Sounds like you?

If that sounds like the perfect job for you, and you are the perfect fit for the job, we can;'t wait to speak!

Who you'd work with

Alexandria Shrader
Senior customer support
Nadav Gross
Senior sales representative
Brieuc Sebillotte
Sales and CS lead
Sales Development Representative

We work thoughtfully

We put a lot of care into how we work, and build Slite to enable:

Written culture

Writing long form allows us to drive thoughtful discussions around key topics. Documenting our work helps us reduce meetings and create our team's collective memory.


Our work is shared and open by default in Slite. It makes each of us more autonomous, and removes frictions that come with remote collaboration.

Async work, with real interactions

Working async provides us with more flexibility, and makes everyone owner of their time and work.

Still, we are humans at work. We believe in real life interactions, 1:1 video calls, ideation meetings are all crucial to building trusting, long lasting relationships.

Remote work

We started Slite remotely in 2017 and never looked back.

It works thanks to our strong written culture and our regular cadence of in-person meetings, about every two to four months.

Benefits of working at Slite

Great remote habits
Started in remote, selling to remote teams, we strive to be an example of great remote habits. You won't find endless stand-up and hours long meetings here. We work async and socialize in sync.
Your work set up is covered
Working from home, we take care of your chair, monitor, desk and other appliances. More of a co-working person? Pick yours! Want both? No problem.
French holidays, across the world
Both founders of Slite are French, we know the positive impact of good holidays. We extended the habit for employees across the world: 25 days off, plus your local bank holidays.
We see each other 3+ times a year
Some see remote as a cold way of working. Not us. We foster strong human relationships through weekly rituals and gathering at least three times a year. Offslites allow everyone to gain ownership on what's next and build stronger human connection.
Like any startup we'll say we offer competitive compensations. This is how we do it: we built our salary model based on location, to always be in the top 25% offers of the local tech market. Our employees should feel at ease and rewarded.
Got kids?
So does 30% of the team. We're used to it. Remote gives parents work flexibly, so they can combine great family life with ambitious work.
Buy any book
Are you the type of person who's always learning? We'll give you a card to expense all the books you need. Enjoy!
Join the team
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