Wondering about using Confluence vs using a wiki?

How about neither? Meet Slite, it's faster, more user-friendly and more collaborative than both.

First things first, for those who don't know Confluence, it's a software that teams use to share and collaborate on documents. It's a place to document their knowledge and projects and centralize their company wiki.

It starts at $5/month, but can quickly rack up if you integrate lots of add-ons to your invoice.

Pros include lots of templates, version controlling and permissions for users. But lots of teams complain about the long loading times, the complexity and the unintuitive interface.

A wiki, on the other hand, is totally free but you'll need to build it from scratch in-house with services like MediaWiki. It requires lots of maintenance, it's not so collaborative and honestly you might end up never using it. Sort of a shame for the effort it takes to create.

Ok, so what's Slite?

It's a more modern option to build out your company wiki. It's user-friendly, fast and collaborative.

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Discover your team's knowledge

Slite gives teams a constant overview of what their team members are working on and sharing.

Catching up with your team's activity in Slite is intuitive: just follow bolded channels and notes to see what's changed since you were last on Slite. You can check your team's activity feed every day to get a news stream of what your team's collaborating on.

Always find what you're looking for

Slite makes sure you spend less time finding relevant information and more time interacting with it.

Find the right information. The search bar is always present in the app and just a shortcut away.

Find your team members. The quick switch lets you find notes and people within Slite.



Head of Digital at VanMoof

As we're growing fast, the ease of adoption is a crucial element when choosing a new solution. You can't afford to turn back. Slite is more friendly and easier to adopt.

Collaborate on all your knowledge

Slite is built around collaboration. The collaboration options are plenty: Slite Comments, mentions of team members (@username), sharing links to share documents, real-time collaboration.

Start building your company wiki in a tool your teams will love