A light-weight alternative to Confluence

Folderless: navigate your team's knowledge easily

Unlike in Confluence, Slite teams use channels, not folders, to organize their content and knowledge by drag and dropping notes.

Access information more easily: the channels on the left hand are always available so that your team never loses information in far away folders. Slite ensures your team's knowledge is always a click away.

Know what your team's been sharing

Always know what your team's working on and sharing thanks to the activity feed in Slite.

Slite lets your team stay on top of their team's activity thanks to bolded channels and notes showing you what's changed since you were last on Slite. As an alternative to Confluence, Slite really gets your team on the same page.

Slite is so simple that the entire company contributes to knowledge sharing. If the tool you use to share knowledge is not easy to use, no one will use it.

Steve Vega, CTO at Huli

Make your knowledge more collaborative

Use the real-time editor to work as a team on the same doc—Slite is a more collaborative and modern alternative to Confluence.

Add note links to connect your content and use mentions and comments to build your knowledge base as a team.

Easily search through content

Find your knowledge. The search bar is always present in the app and a shortcut away.

Find your team members. The quick switch lets you find notes and people within Slite.

Teams that care about knowledge-sharing choose Slite over Confluence