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Examples of what to add in a company handbook

It is the job of a company to make sure that it creates a useful and fair handbook. There should not be any policy that employees find difficult to accept. During the process of creating a company handbook, it is necessary for the top management to ensure that it includes all aspects of the business and gives a place to relevant policies. There are multiple things that a company need to consider while working on a handbook.

Strong diversity policy

It will help employees and potential workers understand what the company demands from its team members. A strong diversity policy will convey the details about a company's history, work, and the expectations from employees. It tells employees how to maintain a positive culture in the workplace and how to improve productivity.

Standard conduct

Every organization has boundaries. They range from the dress code and anti-harassment policy and everything in between. You can use a company handbook template to make its employees aware of their boundaries within the workplace. In addition, you can also tell them what happens when employees cross those boundaries.

Company mission and objectives

To achieve organizational objectives, it is important for employees to know about them. A company can describe its short-term and long-term goals in the handbook and tell about procedures to achieve them. It is a way of communicating with all team members through one source and make them aware of company goals.


It is necessary to use the handbook in a way that it states about a company's approach in case of sexual harassment or anti-discrimination incidents. It can send a strong message to all its teammates that the company has zero tolerance for harassment or discrimination in the workplace.

Leave and disciplinary policies

It is necessary to deal with leave-related issues in the beginning. In the company handbook, the organization can include all types of leaves it can give to its employees. Apart from that, there should be a place for leaves like sick leave, maternity leave, and others in it.

Social media policies

Almost everyone relies on social media these days. An organization can create some smart guidelines on the use of social media and distribute them in a handbook. 

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Slite makes it easy to see what's relevant to your team. The interface is not overwhelming for your team and ensures that your knowledge base is always up to date.

Why use Slite for your company's handbook

If you are looking for a company handbook sample, then create your own on Slite. It is an online platform where a company writes real-time content and distributes it to its employees. Top management and managers can use it to create a handbook template where they share company policies and procedures. 

Real-time content creation

Using Slite to create the handbook, you can write content online and distribute it to employees. You can also allow others in the organization to write suggestions or ideas and edit their content. There are many editing features in Slite that make it easy to edit the content and use it.

Team collaboration

Slite allows you to bring all your employees on a common platform where they can work as one team. They can communicate, share files, and make comments on the platform. This feature makes Slite an effective platform to create a company handbook and distribute it to workers. 

Simple and easy to use

It is a simple yet effective platform to work as one team. It contains many beneficial features. However, it is easy to use Slite. Anyone with a little practice can use the tool to create a handbook.

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