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Collaborative checklists

Use the Slite real-time editor to create collaborative checklists of everything your new employee must achieve on his or her first days.

Mention team members

Use "@+username" to assign tasks to your new hires or even to get their attention on a checklist.

Comment and pitch in

Use general or in-line comments to interact with your new hires on the tasks assigned. It's a great way to get them to give their two cents.

What should be in an employee onboarding checklist

The checklist is more than just paperwork. It includes lots of things that make onboarding a less-stressful and time-saving process for both an employer and new employees. In the presence of the checklist, an employer can develop strategies to welcome new employees and make their first day at office memorable. To ensure that the company follows all necessary processes of hiring, it is vital to add multiple things to the checklist. It should have:

1. Information on employment contract which includes job title, work schedule, employee benefits, responsibilities, time off policies, and others.

2. An offer letter that tells new employees about their job title, department, work schedule, and various other basic things about their work routine in the office.

3. Information on employment forms that include legal documents and forms by the state or the country. 

4. Employee information. It can be personal information about an employee, bank account information, academic documents, and others.

5. A welcome mail to new employees.

6. A list of things new employees may require in the workplace.

7. Information on a new hire’s ID card.

8. An onboarding kit.

9. Information on current employees who will help new employees.        

Start crafting your employee onboarding checklist on Slite

Why use Slite for your employee onboarding checklist

Slite is a modern-day solution that quickly and securely allows an organization to bring all of its employees on one platform where they can store data, share information, and manage documents. You can use Slite to create your new hire onboarding checklist to effectively make new employees a part of your team. There are many reasons to use Slite to make the checklist template.

Simple and secure

Slite is a simple yet effective tool that comes with several useful features. It is easy to use and customize the platform as per the requirements. You can easily add new people onboard and create a checklist about them. At the same time, Slite is secure to use as it has all modern security features.


Slite is a one-stop collaborative platform where you can bring your employees together and make them work together for a common business objective. You can add your new employees to it and give them all the resources to perform their duties effectively at work.

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Slite is fun to use. Authorized members can have easy access to its features. They can communicate with others, share data, post comments, and update content over it. They can also work with new employees to make them feel comfortable at work.

Information in one place

In the presence of Slite, you do not need to store your company's data and information on different sources. Through Slite, all authorized people can have access to important data, which they can use to perform their duties.