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Use Slite with your team to comment, share and update your knowledge. The editor is collaborative, you can add in-line comments and @mention teammates.


Keep your knowledge base active and relevant. Anyone in your team can publish and contribute to your team's knowledge repository.

Easy to organize

Organize your team's knowledge in channels. Channels are created around projects or departments, and are accessible by anyone in your team.

Simple and easy to use

Slite as a base is equipped with lots of useful features that allow a company to carry out all of its operations. It centralizes your organization's information via integrations embedded in your workflow.

Still, it is simple and easy to use and takes virtually no setting up. Anyone with very little training can understand how it works. Its features are useful and interesting which make sure all of your employees are sharing and retrieving essential information effectively.

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Centralized content

It gives you the freedom to save all your content on one online platform, which is secure in every way. All the authorized members or your organization can collaborate on Slite, take notes, write/edit content in the real time, and organize the content easily. Apart from that, they can easily access the content stored a long time ago. 

Easy to maintain

You can control your employees using Slite to perform their daily activities. In addition to building a communication line between employees, you can keep track of their performance and find out who is working on which project. Using the tool as a base, you can track real-time work of your employees and even give feedback to them. 

Powerful and easily search-able

Employees not just store their data on the base but also use it to access files by other team members. They can quickly search and access files or content that were stored in the base a long time ago. In this way, they can save their time on searching necessary information and invest it in improving productivity in the workplace. 

What is a knowledge base

It is a company's centralized online library that contains crucial information related to products, departments, sources, services, and topics. Only authorized members can have access to the library which they use to extract data to complete their tasks quickly and effectively. In general, the base includes data from different sections and contributors to an organization. The library may also have guides, FAQs, and various other organizational documents that an organization requires to meet its objectives.

Creating a knowledge base seems an easy library to build, but it is not in reality. There are many things that a company needs to consider while designing one for itself. From topics to include and updating them regularly to everything in between, there are multiple points to think about. To make the process easier, many successful modern businesses use a knowledge base template to create a library filled with important information on products and services. It is a faster and a more reliable way to design the database than creating it on your own.  


The template makes it easy to build the base. Apart from that, it is easy for users to access it and extract the necessary information from it whenever needed. Businesses can also use it as an online tool to promote workplace collaboration and improve productivity. 

Jason Mustian, CEO of Bloomjoy

Slite makes it easy to see what's relevant to your team. The interface is not overwhelming for your team and ensures that your knowledge base is always up to date.

What to include in a knowledge base

Building the library is a complex process which contains multiple steps. They are there to make sure business gets a base where it can promote knowledge and allow its employees to collaborate to achieve common objectives. Whether you are using a template or creating a knowledge base on your own, there are numbers of necessary things to include in it. 

  • Topics related to a product or service: Your first step must be to decide the topics around your product or business service you want to write in your library. These may include a description, guide, tips to use, instructions, and information on your product. It should be a clean and clear list that all those individuals who are going to access it understand the things you want to say. To design the list, you can consider things like readers who will use the information. 

  • Guides: Whether you are creating the base for your employees or clients, write a clean and easy-to-understand guide on topics related to a product. Apart from that, tell them how to troubleshoot a problem that may arise while using the product. 

  • Knowledge: Make crucial knowledge easily accessible to readers. In addition, you must ensure that users quickly find what they are looking for. This is possible by putting a search feature on your base. 

  • More content: You can post regular content in the library to make readers aware of the latest updates on your products. For unique content creation, you can authorize your trusted employees to write informative pieces.  

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