Discover free meeting notes templates for your team

Team meeting note template

Jot down minutes of meetings in real time with your teams and keep track of the key takeaways with this free meeting notes template for your team. Collaborate on meeting notes more easily by writing them together in real-time, adding general comments to pitch in ideas and collaborating more easily.

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You can also add checklists for action items!

Weekly retrospective template

A weekly review is a dedicated time for teams to log and review their performances. It's an important time to get aligned and assess how projects are coming along.

Weekly meetings notes template

Each new week brings a new set of tasks and goals to accomplish as a team. Use this meeting notes template to get your team to give a weekly recap of what's on the table and what they've accomplished.

Stand-up meeting notes template

Start the day as a team: prepare your stand-up team meetings and get the whole team to record how their projects are coming along with this template. 

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Show what you accomplished and what you're going to be working on, and have a place to discuss what is blocking you. 

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