Looking for our VP of Marketing

We're a group of 35+ ambitious and kind
 people, building the best collaboration tool for remote work.

After four years of refining our product, we're accelerating our go to market efforts and ready for our next partner to lead the growing marketing team.

Hey there,

Chris, CEO
You’ll be bringing your experience on how to run and grow a brilliant marketing team.

Most of all, you’ll be my partner in building our strategy, refining our positioning, and telling our story. You’re a great product marketer, who loves to make complex concepts look and feel simple.

When Pierre and I launched Slite in 2017 as Product and Tech co-founders, we quickly built out a strong Product team and focused on getting Slite to what it is today. But now is the time to focus on Marketing. 

The team's already seven-people strong, and Slite's gaining more traction. It's an exciting time to scale the team, shape our strategy and help us reach our goals.

Is this you?

Here are some of the key things we are looking for:
✅  You are a product marketing expert

You've previously filled this role, in the B2B world. You have experience driving positioning through market research, challenging Product teams and driving GTM strategies.
✅  You promote new ways of working
You are passionate about remote, async and new ways of working, even before the pandemic. You are eager to contribute to the massive changes we'll experience in the next years.
✅  You're a strategic thinker
You're a strategic thinker, with an ability to challenge the status quo and good understanding of how all parts of the business needs to get aligned to reach our goals.
✅  You know our industry
You have worked in B2B and SaaS, and are experienced with free trials or ideally freemium models.
✅  You grew and led teams before
Gathering people around a common mission is one of your strengths. You manage to give ownership and help

Sounds like you?

If that sounds like the perfect job for you, and you are the perfect fit for the job, we can;'t wait to speak!

Someone you know?

Share this page, your friends will be able to say they were referred in their application.

If the person you recommend is hired, you'll get $3k or we'll donate a $5k grant to the NGO of your choice.

Meet the marketing team

Product Marketing Manager
Head of Growth Marketing
SEO Content Manager
Community Manager
Content Lead
Visual Designer
Senior Marketer
VP Marketing

We work thoughtfully

We put a lot of care into how we work, and build Slite to enable:

Written culture

Writing long form allows us to drive thoughtful discussions around key topics. Documenting our work helps us reduce meetings and create our team's collective memory.


Our work is shared and open by default in Slite. It makes each of us more autonomous, and removes frictions that come with remote collaboration.

Async work, with real interactions

Working async provides us with more flexibility, and makes everyone owner of their time and work.

Still, we are humans at work. We believe in real life interactions, 1:1 video calls, ideation meetings are all crucial to building trusting, long lasting relationships.

Remote work

We started Slite remotely in 2017 and never looked back.

It works thanks to our strong written culture and our regular cadence of in-person meetings, about every two to four months.

Benefits of working at Slite

Great remote habits
Started in remote, selling to remote teams, we strive to be an example of great remote habits. You won't find endless stand-up and hours long meetings here. We work async and socialize in sync.
Your work set up is covered
Working from home, we take care of your chair, monitor, desk and other appliances. More of a co-working person? Pick yours! Want both? No problem.
French holidays, across the world
Both founders of Slite are French, we know the positive impact of good holidays. We extended the habit for employees across the world: 25 days off, plus your local bank holidays.
We see each other 3+ times a year
Some see remote as a cold way of working. Not us. We foster strong human relationships through weekly rituals and gathering at least three times a year. Offslites allow everyone to gain ownership on what's next and build stronger human connection.
Like any startup we'll say we offer competitive compensations. This is how we do it: we built our salary model based on location, to always be in the top 25% offers of the local tech market. Our employees should feel at ease and rewarded.
Got kids?
So does 30% of the team. We're used to it. Remote gives parents work flexibly, so they can combine great family life with ambitious work.
Buy any book
Are you the type of person who's always learning? We'll give you a card to expense all the books you need. Enjoy!
Join the team
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