Your team's simple and collaborative alternative to Dropbox Paper

Folderless: a much simpler way to organize your content

Forget about folders: in Slite, your team sorts notes and docs in shared channels, just like in Slack.

Channels are much more easy to access and manage.
Collections allows your team to further sort their notes within channels.
Easily drag and drop notes across channels and collections.

Know what your team's working on

Slite gives your team a constant overview of what their team members are working on and sharing.

Catching up is intuitive: bolded channels and notes to discover what's changed since you were last on Slite.
Check your team's activity feed every day to get a news stream of what your team's collaborating on.

Join 1000+ teams already collaborating on Slite

Never wonder who has access to what

Handle user permissions in bulk so you never have to wonder about who has access to what.

Set permissions at the channel-level: channel members can either be readers, writers or admins for all notes in a channel.

You can also send public links of your content to anyone outside of your team.

Always find what you're looking for

Slite makes sure you spend less time finding relevant information and more time interacting with it.

Find the right information. The search bar is always present in the app and just a shortcut away.
Find your team members. The quick access lets you find notes and people within Slite.

Bring content collaboration out of your browser and across devices

Slite's desktop and mobile apps make writing and sharing more accessible for your entire team.

Slite's mobile app keeps your team efficient in the office and on the go!

We were collaborating in Dropbox Paper but the structure was really bad. We couldn't find anything and it was really messy. When we found Slite, it felt too good to be true.

Co-founder of Yummygum
Leon Ephraim

Don't let your docs get any more disorganized