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Meet our editor.
Fast and flexible for all your ideas.

Our editor never gets in your way. It’s fast and flexible, whether you’re jotting down notes, sketching out an idea, or documenting a process with a codeblock.
We've taken care of all the formatting so you don't have to.

You won’t be starting from scratch

(If you don’t want to)

Templates get
you going

Best practices set you up for success from the beginning.
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Your docs come 

with you

Easily import your most useful docs from elsewhere.
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Get a clear view with channels

No more hunting around for documents in your Inbox or Susan's shared folders.

Stay up to date with “Catch up”

Catch up greets you every day to let you know where you're needed most. Your one-stop shop for tasks and team progress.

Work with external people too

Collaboration sometimes spans outside your team. Edit specific docs with your clients or contractors, or invite them as guests to a channel for longer-term projects.

All together,
not all-in-one

Slite fits simply with your other tools. There’s no need to replace what’s working for you — just integrate the tools you love into Slite to make work a little more seamless.
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Work together with less friction

Packed with collaborative features that promote undistracted, focused teamwork. Now you can complete your projects without the interruptions of meetings and shoulder tapping.

Grow with peace of mind

Meet your dedicated
account manager

Scaling fast? Partner with our dedicated account manager to set you up and help your company make the most out of Slite. And then dive right into collaboration.
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Ready for enterprise security

Compliant with Google/Slack SSO, OAuth, OKTA and OpenID. That way, new joiners get instant access to Slite. When they leave, they’ll be automatically removed, too.
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The delightful details

Drag and drop it all. To move your docs. And in the editor.
Write in markdown and never lift your fingers off the keyboard.
You’re always one shortcut away from search — cmd+k or ctrl+k

In tune wherever you’re at

Keep a quick access to your team’s work in your dock with the desktop app. Not at your desk? Capture your ideas on mobile, so none get left behind.
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