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"Slite has the lowest learning curve for my team, great UX, and organizing features that we couldn't find elsewhere."
Alex Bass
CEO at Cyberbytes
"I like how simple and fast it is, that even people in my company who aren't tech savvy can pick it up super easily. The hardest part of selling a wiki internally was the difficulty factor but Slite was so simple everyone was on board."
By Cameron Murray
Block Branding
"As we're growing fast, the ease of adoption is a crucial element when choosing a new solution. You can't afford to turn back. You can see Slite is more friendly, and its similarities with Slack make it easier to adopt."
"Slite gives my department visibility on what's happening and it's our go-to place for history on projects we've delivered."
By Desirai Sweder
"Slack/Google Docs just weren’t cutting it for knowledge preservation. Slite is now our knowledge repo for everything. The thing that shocked me the most was how teammates had ambient exposure to shared knowledge, without them being notified, or having to search for it."
By Dave Schukin
"The interface makes it super friendly and easy to place information in. It's massively helpful for us to centralize Google Docs, Drive folders, images, spreadsheets, everything into a single source. I look forward to recommending it whenever we can."
By David Bonilla
"Slite has the lowest learning curve for my team, great UX, and organizing features that we couldn't find elsewhere."
"Super-slick and easy to understand. It has all you need, with a ton of templates and self-intuitive explanations of what to do."
"Everything is so simple. You can just work, and not thinking for hours how to do it. In big company, it is almost impossible to find documentation without a guru telling you specifically where to find it. I have the feeling that this problem won't occur using Slite."
By GAETAN L'hoest
"The best thing about Slite is it's clutter free, clean interface. I was a power user of confluence since last 5 years, but it's just too much! Slite on the other hand is lean and well designed. It has minimal navigation, has all the features that I need. ."
By Deepak Choudhary
"After trying numerous company knowledge base platforms, Slite has proven the easiest for everyone on our remote team to use daily."
"I implemented Slite at our office as a knowledge base for all of our processes and everyone has LOVED it. We now use it for all of our client meeting minutes, as personal notebooks, and training/reference material."
By Lizzie LE
"We document all our processes in Slite. It keeps our projects organized and shared with the entire team."
"We use this with our organization to centralize our knowledge management process, procedures, and documents. The tool does a great job of organization, editability, and has a great user interface."

"The most important thing in a wiki (in my opinion) is how tight the edit / collaboration loop is. Most wikis are pretty bad there. But Slite is an example of a wiki that allows simultaneous editing."
"It is amazing to have one workspace where we have all documentation from employee onboarding to guides and even technical documentation. I love how it structures documentations and you can find any information from all docs in the workspace."
"Slite isn't trying to be all things for everyone. It’s more opinionated and gets out of the way for you to simply get work done versus having to be paralyzed by configuration of a document. ."
"Slite seamlessly integrates with Asana, Trello, and Slack. It creates beautiful and logical notes with advanced formatting features. There is virtually everything you can do with Slite, I built a calendar, I keep my notes neatly in one place with videos and PDFs embedded and I manage my small team for my business integrating Asana and Slack with it."

"Slite is easier to use on daily basis. We chose to avoid a distracting tool to offer a place of focus and clarity. We want the best of breed as we structure our team growth to 200+ employees. The tips on how to structure our knowledge were also a big plus."

By Thibaut Morlot
"We use a combination of Slite (docs) and Linear (tickets) for most things. Notion got too slow after a while and Slite was just the replacement we needed."

By Ronak ganatra
"We looked for an alternative to Notion because an all-in-one solution isn’t suited to our rapid growth.  We already use Monday for tasks. We want to use the best tool for each use case and avoid confusion with overlapping functionality. Slite fits the role as a flexible and powerful home for our team knowledge."

By Chris Zonneveld
"I love the number of integrations that exist. It means people from all across the company can sync their files."

By roisin oflaherty
"For us, it's a space where all the documentation about the company is, and we can integrate other tools we use in it, like Asana or GitHub."

"We use Slite for processes and training docs. It has a great Slack integration and lots of new features constantly rolling out."

"It took us forever to find the right tool for our company, we tried Evernote, Notion, Google docs, Confluence. But in one way or another, they didn’t work for us. When we tried Slite, we found something that worked great, simple, focused but also flexible."

BY Giacomo Melzi
Kawa Studio
"Perfect example of a product that delivers the 80/20 rule. No fluff and simple. You give me the top 20% of what I need that gets 80% done. Great for managing internal teams, simplifying internal docs, onboarding docs and easy to find what you need."

"Slite is the standalone place where we route people when they need an answer. Across all teams and offices at Meero, Slite gives us a clear and structured approach to knowledge creation, distribution and maintenance."

BY Josselin Raguenet de Saint Albin
"All the important information at Pumpkin is now finally in one place. It's literally keeping the team on the same page: previously on Google Docs, no one came to check what work others were up to. We also avoid losing valuable insights in our Slack history."

"We switched from Confluence because Slite is easy to use for the entire company, not just the product team. Now, our entire company writes and organizes content in Slite."

"Communication between the team has improved as well as increasing productivity on projects that we are involved in."

HEad of marketing
"It isn't just another team-collaboration app, because they marry knowledge collection feature with team collaboration. Easy to add your comments and cite ideas that are worth pursuing."

"We use it for everything from our roadmap to meeting notes to employee onboarding and couldn't be happier with how efficient Slite is: the editor is minimalistic and distraction-free, collaborative features make it easy to use even for a large team, and a few well-thought integrations go a long way to making Slite the single source of truth for the company."

"It has become a team habit to write out the background and goals of all new projects in Slite before kicking them off. We document our hypotheses, workshop notes, and decisions each step of the way."
"Our org has 1,337 .The only way you can build a culture of documentation is by leading from the front."

"Communication is key to scale a business. Slite is the best to keep things in writing. Easy to use for everyone. Templates to adopt the best practices. Summary to stay up to date on all topics."

By Lee Liu
Co-founder and CTO at LogDNA
"Well-known products in this area seemed too complex for us. We needed good accessibility and user-friendly UI and functionality. Slite is the best choice for us and our needs! I really appreciate the Slite's team for their great job and product, they have created and continue to improve!"

"We are using as the cornerstone for our internal communication. It's our 'company-brain', so it's super important."

"Slite helps me handle multiple projects organization. From process documentation, new people onboarding, offboarding, collaborative writing, and more."

"We moved all company docs from Google Docs and Confluence to Slite. Now, all departments use Slite and our processes and knowledge are far more organized."

By Oleg Campbell
"The starting point for ideas has become Slite."

"I had the opportunity to meet some of the team yesterday. Really inspiring to get a glimpse of their passion and thoughtfulness to make remote, async work the best it can be!"
"Meeting notes, marketing plans, development roadmap, UX/UI analysis, HR docs, employee onboarding, branding docs, process documents, support guides, business partner databases - I could go on, but you get the picture, everything is now in Slite and easily accessible, searchable, and looks darn beautiful."

By Ilija Rolović
"Initially used the tool to keep track of our meetings. Now, Slite is used to store our processes and guidelines for each department (Sales, Success, Engineering, ...), and every teammate has a daily diary where they can summarise their days."

"It's fast to keep up with speed of thought and interlinking of documents is a breeze. Slite has also managed to launch new features at a healthy cadence and I'm glad the consistency is paying off."

"We're a remote company since Day 1. As the team grows, it's vital to learn from our experiments. Slite is the tool we use to do so. It helps us keep in-sync. It helps us grow."

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