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Slite makes it easy to organise docs, share knowledge and track key decisions with your remote team.
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Better organization

Get your docs in order

Channels, not folders. We've all been there: you create a Google Docs, you share it with your team member and a few days later it's impossible to find it in your drive. In Slite, organize docs in easy to find channels so they're always a few clicks away.
“Our team has recently shifted from Google Docs to Slite, and I find it so much more convenient and well-organized. For example, finding a document in Slite is far easier than searching for "hmmm where did that press release draft go?" in Google Docs.”
Bryana Kortendick
VP Ops & Comms at enjin

Know what's happening

Keep track of your team's work

Google Docs gives teams little to no context on what individuals are working on and what they're contributing. Slite is built around collaboration and getting your team in sync. It gives you a clear overview of what your team's been up to. You can also follow bolded documents to discover what your team's been working on.
Graph of document statistics with number of views and edits over last 2 weeks, last 3 months, and all time

Team insights

Check out your team's usage: Who's been writing most? What are they searching for?
“All the important information at Pumpkin is now finally in one place. It's literally keeping the team on the same page: previously on Google Docs, no one came to check what work others were up to. We also avoid losing valuable insights in our Slack history.”
By Hugo Sallé de Chou
Co-founder of PUMPKIN

More intuitive

From the folder structure to its editor, Google Docs is bulkier and overly complex. Writing and navigating in Slite is faster and more intuitive for everyone.

Fast search that works

Slite is built to make team's lives easier

Minimalistic editor

No fluff, to the point editor

Dead simple document linking

Mention you documents to refer them anywhere in your knowledge base
“Slite has a great UI, and our notes are now better organized than they were in Google Docs. The file system allows us to focus on writing notes, and not constantly reorganize them.”
Jan Zheng
Co-founder of Phage directory

A radical change at a fair price.

Confluence costs add up quickly. Give Slite a try, it's free up to 50 docs. One price, all features: no add-ons, no bad surprises in your invoices. Save 16% on annual commitment.

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