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Gather everything in one place

Create your knowledge repository to speed up employee onboarding, remove silos and reduce interruptions.

every format

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Slite supports all the content types your team needs, from tables data to task management.

doc links

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Easy doc linking lets you create a web of knowledge that gathers value over time.

fast find

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No matter how big your team’s knowledge grows, get any answer you need instantly with smart search.


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Slite becomes the central source of truth by integrating with the other apps you already use. Discover our integrations >

Josselin Raguenet de Saint Albin
Head of Customer Service at Meero

Slite is the standalone place where we route people when they need an answer. Across all teams and offices at Meero, Slite gives us a clear and structured approach to knowledge sharing, distribution and maintenance.

Guaranteed team-wide adoption

From your team’s IT gurus to its technophobes, everyone can find what they need and start contributing with Slite.

simple structure and permissions


Rather than having all your docs jumbled together, sort everything into clearly separated channels for each team or project in your company.

simple and beautiful documents

Robust editor

No need to deal with hundreds of formatting options, keep your team’s documentation clean, consistent and readable with minimal effort.

Martijn Hazelaar
Digital Manager at VanMoof

Because we're growing fast, the ease of adoption is crucial when choosing a knowledge management solution. Slite is user-friendly, and its similarities with Slack make it easier to adopt.

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Keep knowledge relevant

No more writing docs that get ignored or forgotten. Slite is collaborative, highlighting what’s new and popular, which helps you and your team keep information up to date on those important decisions and projects.

Activity highlighting

Slite tells you what's new so you stay updated on what your team's been working on.

mentions and notifications

Grab your teammates' attention by mentioning them on docs and comments.


Make the most out of your knowledge base by knowing who contributes the most, what people are searching for and which docs are most popular.

Tristan Legros
Founding Partner at The Corner
The corner

Slite gives me peace of mind. I know that the great things my team is creating are in one place, where we can share it to newcomers and find it.

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