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Design playbook
This channel is a place for your design team to gatherπŸ“– An overview of team processes: the tools you use, the project template you useπŸ“ Write up project documents for easy collaboration🌈 Share interesting resources and inspiration
Stand-up meetings
Stand-up meetings are daily meetings for your team to report what they've achieved the day before and what they're planning to achieve. It's an ideal time to assess how projects are moving along and ask for help if you're experiencing issues in your work. This channel template is one place where your team can fill out the stand-up meeting and refer back to. Customize this channel with your own stand-up meeting note template πŸ‘‰
Product specs
Use this channel to centralize all your team's product specs. All team members from product managers, to designers, to developers can refer to these product specs as a central source of truth. Customize this template to start crafting your own with your team and start centralizing all resources and tasks πŸ‘‰
Engineering teams
Check out this template for your engineering team's work. βœ… Keep track of the ongoing tasks around the features they're buildingπŸ“Write up cheatsheets and new learnings✨ Share the latest product releases for the rest of their teamπŸ’€ Centralize post-mortems and learnings Customize this template with your team πŸ‘‰
Lead generation
One of the biggest challenges when you first start is how to generate leads. There are multiple ways and lots of brainstorms: this channel has some resources on how to launch your product and which inbound channels to look into. Customize it by adding some of your next ideas and inviting your team members to collaborate πŸ‘‰
Press relations
PR requires lots of planning and executing. Centralize your checklists, launch plans and content with this channel template. Here are various ways to use it: βœ… Kickoff your next press campaign by create a note with checklists of what needs to be doneπŸ—ž Write up a press release with your team members: get their edits and feedbackπŸ“ Draft email templates to journalists to facilitate your outreach Clone and start customizing this channel πŸ‘‰
Sprint meetings
Do you work in sprints with your team? Centralize all the notes in one space with this channel template. πŸ“ Create and adapt your sprint meetings templateπŸ“† Keep them in this one place and organize them by quarter for your entire team to easily findβœ… Use checklists, bullet points and mentions to keep track of milestones and upcoming tasks as a team
Marketing team playbook
Marketing teams work on things like user acquisition, branding, content and more. This channel is a great way to start logging all marketing actions and processes in one, central, simple place for everyone. Here's how you can customize this template: πŸ—‚ Create collections (sub-channels) to sort your different marketing actions (content, lead acquisition, for example)πŸ“ Use this as a place to craft branding guidelines to keep accessible to everyoneπŸ“š Centralize important processes and resources your team needs to perform: access to analytics, how to post a blog post, and more
Product Hunt launch
Are you launching on Product Hunt soon? It can be a great way to get some user feedback on your product and acquire some of your first customers. A successful launch can bring lots of new users, expand your word of mouth and provide you with that boost you need when you've just launched your product. It's worth doing it well! πŸ“ Here's a template to start prepping everything for your launch as a team. βœ… Create a general checklist of what needs to be ready for d-day ✏️ Write the content needed for the launch as a team
Customer Success
This channel is a great place for you and your Customer Success team to gather πŸ“– How you work: from your goals, to processes, to the tools you're using to making it happenπŸ“ Customer meeting notes, for everyone to have easy access toπŸ“† Weekly and regular team meetings and reporting to stay on the same page Customize this template πŸ‘‰
Product team meetings
A product team is made up of so many different roles: design, tech, product managers. Staying aligned is the only way you can get anything done. One of the ways to do this is by centralizing meeting notes to know how projects are moving along: πŸ“ Regularly an update a note where designers, developers and product managers can contribute and get a big picture of the ongoing projectβœ… Add tasks, mention team members to ensure milestones are clear to everyone✏️ Customize your team meeting notes starting with this template!
How Slite does YC W18
At Slite, we have the incredible opportunity of being backed by the Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator. We were in the Winter 2018 batch and learned a ton during these three months. We wanted to share how we used our own product, Slite, to centralize knowledge, resources and tips we gained throughout YC. If you're part of Y Combinator, clone and customize this channel to make the most out of all the valuable knowledge you're getting and share it with your team πŸ‘‰
Design meetings
Document and centralize your design meetings in this channel for the entire team to stay on top of what each person is working on. You can use this template or modify it to your liking.
User feedback
Talking to users is one of the most essential parts of building the right product for your users. What are you nailing? What should be improved? Centralizing all the precious user insights you get from talking to users allows your team to focus on how to improve the product for your users. Clone and start customizing this template to gather user feedback efficiently: πŸ“ Create a user interviews template for your entire team to useπŸ—‚ Sort the interviews for your team to find quickly
Employee onboarding
Check out this channel template for onboarding new employees! Get inspired to create your own employee onboarding space πŸ’‘ πŸ“š Centralize all important information new hires should readβœ… Create checklists of tasks they should be ticking off on their first days🀝 Keep information about the team up to date
Content marketing
Producing content is an essential part of a marketer's job. Use this template to πŸ“ Share and update your content guidelines ✏️ Draft your next blog post πŸ“† Plan your next articles Clone and customize this channel πŸ‘‰
Talent acquisition
A great team is the result of top-notch talent acquisition strategy. As you grow your team, ensuring the right hiring processes are in place and that everyone is on the same page increases your chances of successfully closing candidates. Use this channel to centralize: πŸ”‘ Job offer templates πŸ“š Hiring processes πŸ“ Interview templates Clone and customize this channel to your talent acquisition processes πŸ‘‰
Candidate interviews
Use this channel template for your candidate interview process. Get started by centralizing all candidate interview notes in this one channel and sorting them by the status of the candidate interview process. Some best practices: πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Share all the interview notes with all team members involved in the process. πŸ“ Use one note for each candidate to centralize each interview round, reference checks, and more.πŸ—‚ Use collections to sort and track the candidate's status to keep everyone aligned.
Job offer template
A company's job offers reflect it's branding and identity. Having a coherent way to craft job offers, present your company is essential to attract the best talents. Centralizing job offers and sharing templates is a great way to ensure offers stay coherent across departments and as your team scales. This channel includes a job offer template going over: πŸ‘‹ The intro of your company βœ… What the offered position consists of βš’ What the duties will be πŸ’ͺ Required experience for the position 🌈 Benefits of working in your companyCustomize it with your team πŸ‘‰
Team meetings
Jot down minutes of meetings in real-time with your teams and keep trace of the key takeaways: πŸ‘† Write down key takeaways of the meetings at the top πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ Mention attendees πŸ“† Prep the agenda before the meeting πŸ—£ Allow for discussions This channel is a good place to start customizing your team meetings template and start jotting notes as team.
Founder playbook
There's a lot to handle as a startup founder: from hiring to strategy to raising funds. One way to make sense of it all is to write things down. Customize this template with some of your ongoing learnings, ideas and tasks πŸ‘‰
Meeting minutes sample
Jot down minutes of meetings in real time with your teams and keep trace of the key takeaways with this meeting minutes sample. πŸ“ Write down key takeaways of the meetings at the top πŸ“£ Mention attendees πŸ“† Prep the agenda before the meeting πŸ—£ Allow for discussions This is meeting minutes sample is a good a place to start jotting minutes as team.
Weekly agenda template
Each new week brings a new set of tasks and goals to accomplish as a team. Use this weekly agenda channel to centralize all weekly agendas and recaps of what you've accomplished and what's on the table for the following week. It's a great way to stay aligned and: πŸ’ͺ Go over what you accomplished as a team the week beforeβœ… Set goals for the next week Customize this weekly agenda template to kickstart your own πŸ‘‰
Onboarding checklist
Take a look at the new hire onboarding checklist we use at Slite, clone it and adapt it to your company! Onboarding checklists are a good place to: βš’ Check that new hires are signed up to all necessary work toolsπŸ“š Give new hires relevant resources to read about your company: culture, values, processesπŸ“† Set the first meetings for the new hire's first days
Weekly reviews
A weekly review is a dedicated time for teams to log and review their performances. It's an important time to get aligned and assess how projects are coming along. Customize this note template πŸ‘‰
Competitors watch
Check out this channel template to centralize all your research, analysis and benchmarking on your competition. Notes will be automatically shared with other people on your team. πŸ“πŸ” Customize the research note and get started on your analysis!
Sales playbook
Keep a clean playbook as a Sales team to yield better results by using this template. 🎯 Outline your Sales team's missionsπŸ“š Gather and update all your processes and workflowsπŸ“ˆ Centralize your Sales reports to keep the team aligned Customize this template with your team πŸ‘‰