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Team Performance Review Template

Map out team accomplishments, goals, and action steps using the team performance review template for group self-evaluation and improvement.
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What's a Team Performance Review Template?

A team performance review template evaluates team effectiveness and productivity with metrics for goals achieved, work quality, and communication. A performance review for teamwork evaluates the performance and identifies the strengths and improvement areas of an entire team, not just an individual. It allows for comments and feedback from all stakeholders and promotes accountability and continuous improvement.

Team Performance Evaluation Examples

There are many different kinds of team evaluation examples, performance reviews, and team performance evaluation templates. Slite's performance review templates provide a great framework for reviews and are customizable so you can change them to suit your organizational needs.

Team Member Evaluation Sample

A team performance review template can provide valuable insights into your team members. It's a clear, standardized way to judge employee performance and includes sections for valuable employee feedback.

Self Evaluation for Performance Review Teamwork

Self-performance review examples for teamwork let you assess each employee's collaborative skills and contribution to team efforts. You can customize our performance review templates for self-review, supervisor review, or teammate review as necessary.

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How to customize Slite's Team Performance Review Template

Customizing a team performance review template is an important step in ensuring that it meets the specific needs of your team. Here are some steps you can take to customize a team performance review template:

Modify the content

You can review the team performance review template and Identify areas that require revisions or updates. You can add or remove questions, change formats, edit language, and more within the easy-to-use but powerful Slite editor.

Ask for suggestions

Slite connects you with your team for brainstorming and comments on any work-in-progress. Slite's permissions management feature lets you limit access to a completed performance review for teamwork to the reviewed employees and any other team members as necessary.

Use your own format

Modify the team performance assessment template with Slite's editor, or with tools like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You can adjust the wording, change the format, and add or delete sections and questions to tailor the document to your needs.

Save it for later

You can store your team evaluation form templates online and update them for later use. Our version control features let you track changes, and you can search for document titles, specific contributors, or keywords within Slite.

Integrate with other platforms

Integration takes our team's performance review template functionality to the next level. Google Docs, Github, Asana, and Okta are just a few of the platforms that let you share Slite reports, import or export data, and more.

Key elements of an effective Team Assessment Template

Evaluating the Success of Your Team requires an effective team assessment questionnaire to help assess team performance and identify improvement areas. Here are some key elements to include in the team performance review template.

Goals and objectives

Your performance review for teamwork should outline the team's goals and objectives. This gives your team the standards they need to meet, and provides a measuring tool that lets you evaluate how well the team has performed against these goals.


Your team's performance evaluation template should include Key Performance Indicators to measure the team's performance in key areas. Some examples of KPIs include productivity, quality, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

Strengths and weaknesses

A team evaluation template helps you Identify team strengths and weaknesses. You can learn what your team is doing well and find areas where our performance improvement plan template may be needed to deal with team and individual issues.

Pro Tip: If you must address team weaknesses, focus on whether or not the goals are met and avoid negative language.

Individual contributions

Your team member evaluation form should evaluate each team member's individual contributions using the team's goals and objectives. Measuring by a clear, defined standard helps you judge fairly how each team member has contributed to the team's overall performance.

Goals for the next action plan

Your performance review for teamwork should include the next goals your team will be striving for. Based on your current and previous evaluations, you can outline simple steps that the team can take to improve their performance.

Pro Tip: To make sure your goals align, plan for follow-up and monitoring to ensure the team is making progress

Advantages of having a Team Performance Review Template

By using a team performance review template, individuals and organizations can gain several advantages, such as simplifying the evaluation process, promoting objectivity and fairness, identifying areas for improvement, and facilitating communication and feedback among team members.

Streamline the evaluation process

A team performance review template simplifies and expedites evaluations. The evaluator knows exactly what areas to cover and what questions to ask. And because everybody's performance is judged by the same standards, it is easier to compare team member performance.

Promote objectivity and fairness

A team evaluation form template can reduce bias and subjectivity in evaluations. It helps ensure every employee is being ranked by the same standardized criteria, which leads to more consistent and reliable evaluations.

Define your team's strengths and weaknesses

Our performance review for teamwork templates help managers pinpoint team performance strengths and improvement areas. They provide a customizable structure that you can use to gather team data that is invaluable for building strategies and dealing proactively with problems.

Facilitate communication and feedback

Communication and feedback are important in team performance. Our team performance review template encourages open communication and constructive feedback about challenges, achievements, long-term goals, career aspirations, and employee/manager relationships. This will help your team understand each other and work together better.

Slite's Free Team Assessment Template

Slite's Free Team Assessment Template streamlines team performance evaluations. Our team evaluation form template is simple, clear, and easy to customize, with sections for feedback and communication from everybody on the team. It provides a structure that helps you identify strengths and weaknesses, and ensures fair, objective, and consistent evaluations, and can help organizations gather the information they need to improve team performance and achieve business objectives.

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