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Free Customizable Performance Review Templates

Although a performance review template comes with lots of exciting and useful features that make the reviewing process easy, there are several things that an organization needs to consider while customizing the template. 

Employee information

The first thing to add to a template is information about an employee. This includes the name, employee number, department, and the individual's position. This will make it easier for reviewers to know about the person whose performance they are going to evaluate. In addition, employee information at the beginning of a template allows an organization to quickly store the performance file on a network for future use.

Reviewer information

Whether it's one reviewer or many of them, it is essential to write information about them in the template. This includes the name of the reviewers and their positions within a department. In this section of the template, there will also be space for the reviewer to write about an employee's performance. 

Employee responsibilities

In this section of the performance review template, an organization writes about the responsibilities of an employee whose performance is going to be reviewed. This section of the template will help reviewers understand the duties of the employee within an organization. In addition, they can evaluate when the individual has successfully completed the duties or not. 

Performance assessment 

This is one of the most crucial sections of a performance review template that can be broken into several sub-parts. In these sections, reviewers can write about an employee's achieved goals, performance in projects, areas of excellence, areas of improvement, and future goals with expectations. 


Apart from writing in the performance assessment section, there should be an area in the performance review template where reviewers can write additional feedback for an employee. Here, the reviewer can elaborate on how an employee can improve performance and improve productivity in the workplace. 

Why use Slite for performance review template 

Slite is an advanced company wiki that an organization can use to collaborate with employees from different departments and make them work together as one team. Using the platform, employees can write/edit documents and share them with other authorized company members in real-time. You can also use Slite for a performance review template and make performance evaluation an easier and quick process.  

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