Modern Confluence alternative for your entire company, not just tech team.

Confluence got engineering teams into the habit of documenting, but it has never been adopted company-wide. Slite makes documentation actually enjoyable for the whole team, finally breaking the siloes and making a single source of truth a reality.

Why are teams switching from Confluence to Slite?

All answers, in an instant.

Confluence search is slow and often gives unreliable results. With Slite's AI assistant Ask, you get immediate trusted answers by just asking questions.

Effortless maintenance.

Many teams using Confluence complain about the clutter of outdated docs that they can't trust. Slite gives you tools to verify your docs and maintain your knowledge base fresh, at scale.

Loved company-wide.

Confluence is known as complex and over-engineered, especially for the entire team. Slite is intuitive and user-friendly for everyone, ensuring a low learning curve and high engagement.

See it for yourself.

Get instant trusted answers, where and when you need them.

Can I really just ask instead of search?

Endless searching and browsing is a thing of the past. Thanks to AI, now you can just ask questions in your natural language and have instant answers based on your docs.

Wait, is it possible to ask the questions where I already work?

No more context or apps switching - stay in your workflow and get trusted answers in Slack or while you browse with Chrome extension.

Yes, but how do I know if I can trust the answers?

Filter answers based only on verified sources - this way you are always sure that it's trustworthy.

But the knowledge is scattered all over the tools...

Exactly - your company knowledge is so much more than what's in your knowledge base. That's why now you can connect other tools to Slite and get answers on all the knowledge you know is out somewhere.

"The best thing about Slite is it's clutter free, clean interface. I was a power user of Confluence for the last 5 years, but it's just too much! Slite on the other hand is lean and well designed. It has minimal navigation, has all the features that I need."

Deepak Choudhary


Sounds great, but I have a few questions...

What if our team still wants to use Jira for task management?

No worries at all – stick with your go-to tools, and Slite ensures seamless integration with them. With our Jira integration, effortlessly insert Jira issues into your Slite docs. The tile content remains consistently updated, ensuring you and your team stay in the loop.

It's hard to keep content up-to-date in Confluence. Do you offer anything to improve this?

Slite is built for team knowledge management, providing you with tools to effortlessly keep company knowledge relevant and up-to-date. Easily slice and dice all your docs, take AI-suggested actions and act on them in bulk - all within one central panel.

The editor in Confluence is very limited. How is it in Slite?

We know, documenting in Confluence often feels like a tedious task. Slite makes it easy, even for non-techies. Our AI-powered editor is fast, smooth, and never gets in your way. It comes with a variety of built-in formatting options and AI Assistant that helps to improve your docs with just a click.

Will switching to Slite end my team's complaints about the tool being too technical?

It will, at last! While Confluence claims to be suitable for all kinds of teams, like marketing or HR, it often scares off users with its technical approach. Slite is highly rated for its easiness of use on G2 and other platforms. That's why most Slite customers use it throughout their whole company, not just one team.

Okey, I'm getting there. Let's discuss the nitty-gritty.

Tech teams may love Confluence, but your whole company is much more than that. It doesn't scale well for company-wide use—it's just too complex and clunky. That's why many modern teams are making the switch to Slite, where the burdens of creating, managing, and finding trusted company information are effortlessly handled on autopilot.

Docs & wiki
Page versions
AI-powered instant trusted answers
Doc verification
Knowledge management panel with AI-suggested actions
User-friendly and intuitive interface
Flexible for all kinds of knowledge
Collections to organize docs
Reader pricing

You’re in a good company.

It's tempting, but I don't even want to begin thinking about docs migration...

We know, switching tools can be a tedious task. But migrating your docs from Confluence to Slite with our self-serve import tool takes minutes, not days. And no experts needed.

Large company? Contact our sales

I’m ready. 

How do I make the switch?

Switching to Slite is easy - start your free account or talk to us if you're moving a large team and have custom needs.