Best Guru alternative for all types of company knowledge.

Slite is a much more collaborative team knowledge base flexible for all types of knowledge. Unlike Guru, which tends to be used only for static information among operations-heavy teams, Slite is designed to become a single source of truth that can be successfully leveraged by the whole company.

Why are teams choosing Slite over Guru?

All company knowledge, centralized.

Guru is mostly known for building a fairly static wiki in limited cards format. Slite is flexible for all types of knowledge - from static handbooks, to dynamic product specs and living everyday docs.

Maintenance on autopilot.

Guru offers knowledge management features but you still have to manage every doc one by one. With Slite's AI-suggested actions in the Knowledge Management Panel, you can effortlessly manage all your docs in bulk, at scale.

Well adopted company-wide.

Guru is known for being mostly used by heavy operational teams, usually in support - characterized by a few contributors and many readers. Meanwhile Slite is well adopted across the whole company without excessive focus on any single team.

Your go-to place for all types of company knowledge.

Can finally all teams document in one single place?

Slite from the very beginning has been built to suit every use case and meet the needs of all teams - from onboarding guides to all sorts of handbooks, from SOPs to daily living docs and meeting notes.

How can I keep my docs organized?

Organize docs in flexible Collections. Filter, sort, and save views so your content is easy to consume.

Are decisions also knowledge?

Get into the habit of documenting important questions and answers in one place. Use our dedicated space for structured decision-making, involve people that matter and set deadlines.

And how do I make my docs well-digestible?

Use sketches, videos, or other embed options to convey your ideas clearly. Add beautiful covers, timely hints, quotes, and other formatting so your docs are a joy to read. Use AI assistant to improve your doc as you write.

"With 20 years in software development and support, I've worked with a number of wiki platforms. Slite is by far the easiest to enter information into and format it in a human readable way. This has led to widespread company utilization across departments, making it an invaluable business tool."

Rosie Marshall

product manager, clear impact

Sounds great, but I have a few questions...

Guru is known for being focused on knowledge management, so how is Slite different?

While Guru emphasizes knowledge management, many features are still rather manual. With Slite you can benefit from Knowledge Management Panel where you can not only slice and dice all your docs in one place but also use quick AI-suggested actions to keep your knowledge fresh with a single click.

It's hard to navigate through docs with Guru. How does Slite's navigation system work?

Slite offers a seamless tree structure that is easy to work with. Special channel settings also allow to highlight inactive and archived docs at a glance.

Will my team still need to use several knowledge management tools?

No more separate tools, no more siloed teams. We often hear that teams tend to use Guru for support teams and other, more intuitive knowledge base for the rest of the team. With Slite, there's no need for two tools as it's well-suited to meet the needs of all teams.

Does Slite offer desktop and mobile apps?

Absolutely! While Guru claims to have a mobile app, let's be real—it's just a mobile web experience. With Slite, you get quick and easy access to your team's work and all the info you need, whether you're on desktop or using your preferred mobile app.

And what about the pricing - which one is cheaper?

No need to pay more for less flexibility. With Slite you pay 20% less and get even more valuable capabilities than what Guru offers.

Okey, curious to learn more details.

Guru might be promising the single source of truth but the reality is that it's not flexible enough to support all company-wide use cases. Teams are choosing Slite to centralize all types of knowledge and effortlessly scale as the team grows.

Instant AI answers
Document verification
Flexible for all types of knowledge
Knowledge Management Panel with AI-suggested actions
Automatic inactive docs detection
Seamless tree structure for easier navigation among docs
Friendly interface to stay focused
Desktop and mobile apps
External knowledge base option

What teams have to say.

I’m ready. 

How do I make the switch?

Switching to Slite is easy - start your free account or talk to us if you're moving a large team and have custom needs.