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stay for the team.

We are helping teams work more thoughtfully.
We're building an outstanding team to do so.
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We're backed by the best, and here for the long run.
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Hey there,

Just wanted to say a few words on our mission.

We want to make teams work more thoughtfully. We started by fixing the way they shared knowledge, and built the simplest possible tool making all knowledge accessible, by default, in teams.

We started mid-2016 and since then we launched and released hundreds of iterations, have been backed by outstanding partners like YCombinator, Index or Spark, and most importantly improved the way thousands of teams work everyday.

We work remotely, perpetually challenge how we collaborate and we put great care and passion in what we do.
We’re looking for the brightest folks to join us: you who deeply care about what you do, how you work, thrive for simplicity, love Slite's mission and care about good design.

If that resonates and you think you can bring us as much as we can bring you, we're excited to hear from you!

Chris 👋


🏝 5 Weeks PTO + 11 French Holidays 🇫🇷
📚 Buy any book policy
🌈 We go on team offslites every 4 months
✍️ Competitive salary and equity
💻 Macbook: a new laptop for a new job
💻 Remote setup: coworking or at-home setup, your pick

We work thoughtfully

And it’s actually why we’re building Slite: to enable written culture, information transparency, asynchronous collaboration, and remote possibilities. We work by these principles and evangelize on them.

1. Written culture

So much time is wasted in lengthy pointless meetings, just because things aren’t explicit and written down.

We put care and time in writing long form and thoughtful content, and we document all our work.

2. Asynchronous work

As a remote team, we’re forced to work asynchronously. But we also see it as a personal opportunity: we waste less time in meetings, we have more flexible schedules and are owners on how we work.

As long as you deliver and don't let your teammates in the dark, async is a great way to collaborate for most tasks.

3. Transparency

Documented and shared information gives our team transparency around everything that matters: projects status, company strategy, weekly updates etc.

Slite, our main work tool, enables this and we expect everyone on the team to keep themselves updated and challenge each other as much as possible. This is how we’re able to drive Slite’s journey forward.

4. Remote

After evolving from an office to a half-half setup, we’re now working fully in remote, with most of the team on the CEST timezone.

It’s successful thanks to important rituals: we meet in person every 2 months, and have an offslite to discuss high-level topics and bring creativity every 4 months.

Slite has already changed the way of working of thousands of teams.