Pricing guide




50 shared notes/month


Unlimited private notes


Unlimited members


3 integrations



/user /month

All Free features


Unlimited notes


Advanced administrator rights


Advanced permissions management


Unlimited integrations


Unlimited version history




more, see below for details

Enterprise plans are available for larger teams with enterprise features, contracts and SLAs.

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Features in details

Unlimited shared notes
Unlimited members
Version history
3 last versions
Notes activity log
3 last activities
3 integrations
All integrations
All members can invite
Invitation rights administration
All members can share
Sharing rights administration
Single sign-on authentication(SSO)
Enforced Google SSO, OpenID connect (Okta, Azure, etc)
Read-only restriction
Priority support
Team insights
User groups
No Slite branding in PDF export and publicly shared documents
Manual backups
Automated backups
Team storage
Attachments - per file
Up to 10MB
Up to 200MB

Questions about the plans?

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What is an active user?

An active user is a team member who logged in at least once during the billing month.

What is a shared note?

Any note in an open or private channel is considered a shared note. Basically, any note that's not in your private notes.

What happens if we go above the free limit?

Your team will not be able to add new shared notes unless it upgrades to the Standard plan but will be able to read, edit, move and delete existing shared notes.

How is the free shared notes credit deducted?

Your team gets 50 shared notes over a rolling 30-day period. Only shared notes created over the last 30 days are counted and deducted from your credit.

What happens to our free shared notes credit when we delete a shared note?

If you delete a shared note, your team gets an extra shared note credit. Please note this works for deleted shared notes only, not archived notes.

What are administrator rights and permissions management?

Under the Free plan, any member in the team can invite new team members, share a note publicly and manage the team settings. Under Standard and Enterprise plans, administrators choose who can invite, share publicly and manage team settings.

Does my team need SSO (Single Sign-on)?
What are "Team insights" ?

It allows you to see your team’s activity (most read notes, top writers and readers) and which content they’re looking for (top and failed searches along with popular results).

Do you have a non profit discount?

Yes! We offer eligible organizations of under 100 users a 75% discount of our paying plans. If your organization is above 100 users, please get in touch at

Please apply for this discount by sending us a copy of your 501(c)(3), or your country’s equivalent, to support your nonprofit status.

Where do I see my team's usage?

Under the list drop down of your team name > Team settings > Billing.