Pricing Guide - Coming in April 2018

Settle in for free & start paying once your team is hooked

plan-Free Plan
Free Plan
For teams settling in
It's free!

Start with 200 team notes

Then 50 team notes/month

Unlimited personal notes

Collaboration features

Slack integration

plan-Pro Plan
Pro Plan
For hooked teams
/user/month annually
or $8 billed monthly

Unlimited team notes

All features in free plan

Revision history

Google Single Sign On

Unlimited integrations

Our pricing is fair

You'll only pay for users who are active on Slite at least once a month.

Unlimited users
Collaborative features
Unlimited personal notes
Slack integration
Unlimited team notes
Revision history

Questions about the plans?

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What is a team note?
Any note in a shared public or private channel is considered a team note. Basically, any note that's not archived or in your personal channel.
What happens when we go over the free limit?
Your team will not be able to add new team notes but will be able to read, edit, move and delete existing team notes.
How is the free team notes credit deduced?
At first, your team gets 200 team notes to use in whatever time frame they wish. Once the 200th note has been created, your team automatically goes onto the 50 team notes/month plan. Each month, your team can share up to 50 notes. You start at 0 every month: unused team note credit is non - cumulative across months.
How is pricing calculated for the Pro plan?
You will be billed $8/month (billed monthly) or $6.67/month (billed annually) for every user active in your Slite organization.
What happens to my free team notes credit when I delete a team note?
Deleting a team note will give your team an extra team note credit.
Where can I track my team's credit usage?
Via the organization settings.