The workspace for async teams

Slite gathers your team's asynchronous discussions, decisions, and working docs in one place. It's built for remote teams.
Thousands of teams already add more focus to their work with Slite.

What it's for

Everything you need for strong remote teamwork.

Tidy up your docs, tidy up your teamwork

Slite’s structure gives you a clear view on your docs so you don’t need to worry about ordering and finding them. No mess. No chaotic folders that nobody touches. No idea left behind.

Where collaboration meets knowledge

Dive into a doc together and express your first ideas, get feedback, map out a plan or write up the final documentation. Compose your most important work, together— no matter where you are in the world.
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Slite unlocks remote work that isn’t remotely stressful

The tides of work are shifting. Your team needs much more than just another knowledge base.

Slite offers a way to work that tames confusion, keeps us in tune, and helps us get into flow even when we're not in the same room.
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Habits for success in remote

Overcome the problems all new remote teams face.
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Teams who love clarity, love Slite

"As we're growing fast, the ease of adoption is a crucial element when choosing a new solution. Slite is friendly, and easy to adopt."

By Martijn Hazelaar
Head of digital at Vanmoof
"Our entire team is on the same page and moves faster. Slite lets LogDNA staff operate as a single team across multiple timezones and functions."

By Lee Liu
Co-founder and CTO at LogDNA
"Our team has grown from 250 people to over 700 in the last year, across different offices. Slite supports our fast growth by giving us a structured place to route people when they have questions."
By Josselin Raguenet de Saint Albin
Head of Customer Service at Meero
"Slite gives me peace of mind. I know that the great things my team is creating are in one place, where we can share it to newcomers and find it."
By Tristan legros
Founding partner at THE corner
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Help your team capture and spread information

Before it’s lost in a sea of communication across chat threads, emails, and meetings.
Each new doc your team creates turns into important knowledge, that you can all search for, find and refer to in the long run.
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All together,
not all-in-one.

Plug in your other tools to make work a little more seamless. There’s no need to replace what’s working for you.
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Best practices for your team.
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