Slite, the note app
for teams
Create and access content in a flash.
Your team is about to change.
Today, faces some problems.
Content is
 spread and lost
Brilliant ideas
 are not shared
Crucial knowledge
 is picking up dust
But one day, got your team on Slite
The rest is history — here's why…
Content is centralized
Notes are your team’s knowledge’s – in all shapes and forms – new home. Meeting notes, collaborative documents and processes are now in one place, continually enriching each other.
Brilliant ideas are shared and made even better
Your teamwork's making the dream work.
Real time editing, comments, the notification center (& more) drive collaboration.
Crucial knowledge is transparent
your team is on the same page. For real.
Channels give you a crystal clear view on what everyone's working on while making it super simple to navigate and organize notes.
Unleash your team’s potential
Join the movement
Amazing teams are already transforming the way they work
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