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Free Customizable Product Requirements Document Template

A PRD is effective only when you create it in the right way and add all those necessary elements to it that can make it a lot easier for an organization to decide how to build a product that customers want to have. A major objective of the document is to define what to build and how to build. Whether you are using a product requirements document template or writing the document on your own, there are some important things to add do it.

  • Purpose of the product: It is necessary for everyone in the organization to know the purpose of a product they are working on. It will give them a reason and an objective. While writing the purpose, a company needs to make sure it includes information like who is going to use the product, what is important about it, and how it can solve customers' problems

  • Features to add: After deciding the purpose, the next step is to add product features to the document. All these properties must support the product's purpose. Apart from that, they should be beneficial for end users. By writing features clearly, an organization can help employees understand what they have to build.

  • Set goals: From functionality and usability to supportability, there should be goals for everything. You need to set the right objectives and help fulfill expectations from a product. To ensure goals meet the purpose, it is necessary to make them easy to understand, achievable, and measurable.

  • Timeline: It is important for a company to take its time while making a product that meet customers' expectations, but it is also necessary to decide a timeline or a rough estimate to release the product. It will let employees understand how flexible they can be.  
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