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Free Customizable Sprint Retrospective Template

As per the definition of retrospective, it is the process of looking back in the past events to improve current and future incidents. In the modern business world, a retrospective meeting is a technique that can help an organization review the last sprint and plan for the current one. It also serves as an excellent opportunity for a business and its employees to improve their strengths or weaknesses. Plus, they can also use it to identify problems and find solutions to resolve them. 

A retrospective meeting is also a chance for an organization to promote workplace collaboration and improve employee productivity. During the conference, attendees can share issues they faced in the last sprint or ideas they have for the current one. In addition, they can also discuss ideas and approaches to achieve them. But the meeting is beneficial only when a company conducts it in the right way. 

To make it effective, it is necessary for an organization to create a safe and friendly environment where employees find it comfortable to share their ideas or give feedback on the last sprint and its goals. The company should also encourage them to improve their performance and work as one team to achieve common business objectives. To organize a meeting and to ensure that all important points have been added to a list of things to discuss, many companies use a retrospective meeting template. This comes with lots of built-in features that you can customize to organize your meeting in an effective way. 

How to use this template?

Use this template every 2-4 weeks with your team, so you can capture improvement areas and grow. To keep things fresh, occasionally introduce some new questions or formats while keeping the four-step structure.


This sprint retrospective template was made by Paulius Tuzikas, Agile Coach at Nomad8

Paulius is an Agile Coach at Nomad8 and a co-founder of RandomRetros.com . He's passionate about helping teams and organizations to explore better ways of working and continuously improve. On the weekends, you’ll find him catching waves on the coasts of New Zealand.

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