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Free Customizable Interview Feedback Template

This is a template that makes interviews a smooth and time-saving process while ensuring that an organization hires people who meet the requirements. In addition, it provides a company with a platform where interviewers can collaborate to share their feedback and give honest replies about candidates. An interview feedback template allows interviewers to conduct meetings online to hire the right people. 

What to include in an interview feedback template 

Interview panel

There will be many individuals involved in the hiring process. In order to ensure that everyone is aware of interviewers involved in the process, there should be a note or a piece displaying the names of these company members. These will be skilled and experienced individuals of an organization who know what kind of employees they require for a project. 

Interviewer responsibilities

In addition to including the name of the interviewers, the interview feedback template must also have responsibilities of each interviewer in the panel. Dividing the task among multiple individuals will speed up the hiring process and let the panel members understand their roles in the process. Apart from that, they test a candidate in different ways to ensure that they hire a person capable of handling his responsibilities in the workplace. 

Candidate information 

In the template, there needs to be a space where interviewers could add basic things about the candidate they interviewed. This includes the individual's name, experience as a professional, and skills. This can help the interview panel to identify whether a candidate has basic skills to be the right fit for the organization. 

Candidate evolution

This section of the interview feedback template involves evaluating a candidate. Here, interviewers consider the qualifications of a candidate for employment. In addition to rating the candidate, they can also share their views in details. The team can discuss the candidate's various kinds of skills and flexibility for the position. In addition, they can review the candidate's potential and discuss if they need to proceed with the candidate or not.

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