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Free Customizable Interview Feedback Templates

An interview feedback template is a form that's created for interviewer(s) to fill out during the interview process, usually after interviewing a candidate for a specific position. It's sometimes referred to as a candidate evaluation form, interview evaluation form, or interview feedback form.

What is an interview feedback template?

Interview feedback templates have several uses. First, they help interviewers keep track of different candidates by providing specific notes and criteria to refer back to throughout the hiring process. Second, they help streamline the recruiting process. If there are many different recruitment and interview phases, it's much easier for all parties involved if there's one comprehensive template for everyone to fill in and pass along. Last, interview feedback templates are incredibly handy for providing specific interview feedback to candidates, especially later in the hiring process, even if they don't end up getting the job.

Interview feedback templates vary depending on the company, industry and job, but they often include the following:

  • Basic interview information: Candidate name, interviewer name, job title, company name, and date. These are pretty standard across the board.
  • Interview questions.
This is handy if you want a quick list of questions to refer back to throughout the interview.
  • Various candidate criteria and some kind of rating scale for the interviewer to fill out. These vary quite a bit depending on the specific job but often cover things like: educational background, work experience, technical qualifications, communication skills, candidate enthusiasm, company knowledge, interpersonal skills, time management skills, initiative and self-motivation, leadership skills, planning & organizational skills, customer service skills, general company fit, and overall impression.
  • A space for final comments, recommendations, and longer-form notes.

Why should I use an interview feedback template?

You should use an interview feedback template for your next hiring process because you'll...

  • Have a stress-free interview process (or at least something close to it). You won't have to worry about jotting down random notes here and there to remember all the candidates you interviewed and what you liked about them. All you'll have to do is fill in the template that you prepared ahead of time!
  • Streamline your recruiting process. If your company makes use of various recruitment and interview phases, you can make sure that different team members are on the same page by using the same template.
  • Narrow down your top candidates with ease. It's much easier to compare candidates when you can see feedback from different interviews neat and tidy, side by side.
  • If your company provides candidates with interview feedback, your life will be made a lot easier by having interview feedback templates to refer back to.

Slite's free interview feedback template

Many companies don't even think about using interview feedback templates during their hiring processes. That's a big mistake!

You might have to invest a little bit of time into developing an interview feedback template, but you'll recuperate that time tenfold when you start interviewing.

Slite can help you get started no problem. We can provide you with a free interview feedback template that looks great, is 100% customizable... and did we mention that it's free? All you have to do is fill in your interview information and you'll be good to go. It's a human resources dream!

How can I get started?

Think About The Position You're Hiring For well as what kind of interview process you want to organize. Ask yourself questions like "What kind of information do I want from this candidate?" and "Who'd be the ideal candidate for this position?" Once you've answered those kinds of questions, developing your interview feedback template will be that much easier.

Work Together

If there are various parties involved in the recruiting process (for example, if you're making use of a panel interview or multi-phase interview process), make sure to develop interview questions and criteria with the entire recruiting team. If the recruiting process is collaborative, the interview feedback template should be made collaboratively!

Narrow It Down

Decide what really needs to be included in your interview feedback template. Basic information and candidate criteria should definitely be there, but do you need to include interview questions and additional space for notes?

Establish Your Criteria

Here comes the hard part. Outline the most important candidate criteria and the rating scale that'll be used in your interview. These criteria vary in different industries and positions, so think about what you want to include carefully.

There you have it! You're well on your way to saving tons of time and energy during your next recruiting process.