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Free Customizable Creative Brief Templates

A creative brief can vary slightly from projects to projects in the elements they contain. Here is a list of items that you may consider including in it:


The creative brief template creates an overview for all the team members about who, what, and where of the project. It provides an answer to every question that your team members comprehend. Additionally, it provides a brief about the strategy, plan, objective, deliverable of a project. 


The main consideration we make before starting anything is setting up an objective. It plays an important role in building a creative brief. Many organization uses a creative brief template as it helps in summarizing the objectives and goals of a project. It also allows to update and alter the objective of the projects, if any disagreement among the team members occurs. 

Target audience profile

Identifying the target audience is also an essential point to consider while creating a creative brief template. The creative team in an organization can do a better job if they know what type of audience they need to persuade. Knowledge of target audience profile helps the team members to tailor their works according to the audience's concerns and needs. 

Creative strategy

It is highly important to have a creative strategy to target a specified audience and get the desired result in return. You can also dig into the details and add specifics about to define the strategy and objective more precisely.  

Timeline and deliverable

It often happens that customers have an image and idea of the working of the project in their minds while contacting a company. They know what they need and how it can be done. One of our jobs is to consult a better possible way and also to deliver the project timely. A creative brief template provides tools for delivering better results in a specified timeline. 

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