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Free Customizable Project Plan Templates

A project plan template is a reliable online tool that a company or a project manager can use to define the scope and objectives of project, and step to take to complete the project within the deadline. From understanding a project to deciding what to include and meeting with the team, there are several things that one needs to remember while creating a project plan. Although a project plan template comes with several in-built features, there are plenty of elements that make the template an effective plan.

  • Project objectives

Goals of a project are ultimate objectives that a project team wants to achieve. It is necessary to include them at the beginning of a plan. No matter how the team wants to meet the goals, it is essential to state them in the beginning. This allows all project members to understand what they need to achieve and how should they approach the ultimate objective.

  • Scope 

Project objectives in a project plan template tell a team what it needs to achieve while scope gives a picture of the end results. When a project plan doesn't include scope, it becomes difficult for a manager to tell what will be the outcomes. In addition, it also leads to cost overruns and confusing deadlines. On the other hand, defining scope brings a team on one page where they can work with a vision.

  • Work Breakdown Structure

Also known as WBS, it breaks a big project into smaller milestones to make it easier for team members to work on. In addition, it allows a project manager to assign duties to all team members for quick results. WBS inform a project manager about the team members and the duties assigned to them. 

  • Budget 

  A project plan template must mention the overall budget of a project. It tells a manager and other team members about the money allocated to a project. In addition, the budget information helps a manager in deciding where and how to spend the money. 

  • Communications Plan

This part of the template informs team members how to communicate the project to the audience. In this step, the manager can assign duties to the project team members to make sure that everything goes in the right way. 

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