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Reduce your meetings

Let's face it. Meetings are too frequent and often useless—most attendees would rather be working. But there are simple ways to reduce meetings and let your team focus.

First, meetings usually have too many attendees. Six people in a meeting means five are not 100% active at any given time. Limit your number of attendees and meetings will reduce for everyone. Second, teams plan meetings to report their work. Instead, write down the work you've achieved, and share the report with your team for them to read in their own time. Finally, people too often use meeting as an end to a problem, leading to lots of meetings without real outcomes.

Turn meetings into work sessions

Work sessions encourage you to report and prepare agendas ahead of time. They are dedicated times for debates, discussions and clear decision-making.

  • Each work session has a dedicated owner.
  • The owner prepares the report and agenda.
  • The owner sends it to all attendees, at least a day in advance.
  • Each attendee reads the report and works on the agenda.
  • The session is about actually working on each point.
  • The owner takes note on the session takeaways and outcomes on the doc, for everyone to refer to.
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