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One-on-one meetings

Create a feedback culture

Giving, and receiving feedback is difficult. In the midst of projects, it's easy to focus on the tasks and forget to take a moment to give each other higher-level feedback. As a company, you can set regular time for 1:1s between managers and employees, but also between employees themselves.

When done well, 1:1s can fuel your company's feedback culture, with caring and engaged employees. In a nutshell, "1:1s are a kind of ceremony to force continuous improvement" (Chris, Slite CEO).

Make the most out of your 1:1s

1:1s have become something of a standard practice, but there's a huge difference between a quality 1:1 and a 1:1 done just for the sake of it. It's easy to fall into a conversation about work and reporting, to avoid a more awkward conversation about deeper issues or frustrations. Ben Horowitz, co-founder of A16Z, describes it well:

“The key to a good one-on-one meeting is the understanding that it is the employee’s meeting rather than the manager’s meeting. This is the free-form meeting for all the pressing issues, brilliant ideas and chronic frustrations that do not fit neatly into status reports, email and other less personal and intimate mechanisms."

Read our management handbook, to get more best practices around giving feedback and 1:1s.

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