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Meeting Report Template

Before you start learning how to prepare meeting reports, you first need to know about what exactly they are. You can check more here about how to write effective meeting minutes.
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A good way to get familiar with them is to check out a few samples and templates. Essentially, they are documents that gather important aspects of a business meeting: from the agenda to the follow-up actions. For example, if you're going to conduct a meeting to discuss a new business plan with your board members, you'll need a specific meeting report to get things covered. You need to jot down important points to be addressed during the meeting.

How is a meeting report sample usually structured?

Some of the main things your meeting report sample should always include: the date, meeting attendees, the agenda and a space to jot down actions and tasks agreed upon during the meeting. One of the best ways to stay consistent across meetings, team weekly, and never have to wonder about how to structure a meeting report is by creating your team's very own, reusable, template. In Slite, you can use customizable templates for your team to re-use every time they have a meeting. In the end, the best way for a meeting report to be successful is by making sure everyone prepares in advance, follows the agenda, and comes out with actionable, clear meeting notes. Most of all, the meeting report should be available for everyone present at the meeting, and stored in an accessible place for all.

template of a weekly meeting report

Questions & answers

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What is a template?

Templates are structured docs with pre-filled content to help your team beat the blank canvas. Slite comes with a library of templates for all of your workflow needs. From meeting notes to handbooks, team members can use, edit, create and share any template in your Slite workspace.
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How do I duplicate a Slite template?

Click or tap the "Duplicate" button at the top-right of the template or "Start with this doc" to add the template to your team's workspace (or create a new workspace and get started!).

Where do I find templates in my workspace?

You can find the Templates library when you scroll to the bottom of the left sidebar in Slite. The templates shown there will be available to use and edit by everyone in your team. When you create a new empty doc, you'll also see an option to "Use a template". This button will open the template picker and let you browse the templates your team has created as well as suggested templates from Slite.

Can I create a template in my workspace?

Yes, you can create a new template from any doc in your workspace. With the doc open, click on the three dot "More" actions menu in the top right to find the "Save to templates" action.

How can I re-use the same template for recurring events?

Funny you should ask. Yes! In Slite, you can automatically create recurring docs to manage your team's regular meetings, stand-ups or check-ins. Use a template so each new scheduled doc created will be pre-filled with the structure, prompts and tagged people that you need.

How can I share my Templates with the Slite Community?

Use this form to submit your favorite Templates to us! We'll review it and get in touch with you before sharing it with the world.