A modern company wiki

A collaborative company wiki

Don't let your team's knowledge go unshared: a successful company wiki is one where team members actively pitch in and update the knowledge. Slite's real-time editor, comments and sharing options make knowledge sharing collaborative by default.

A simple company wiki

Slite's minimal design makes it easy to use for your entire team. The editor gets everyone to write down the essential. To make the content easily readable, you can add checkboxes or images to them. Plus, you can also edit the content or documents shared by other users on the platform.

A centralized company wiki

Stay in the know and updated on the new knowledge your team is creating by discovering it via your team's activity feed. Bolded channels and notes also display where there's been new activity.

Slite makes it easy to see what's relevant to your team. The interface is not overwhelming for your team and ensures that your documents are always up to date and organized.

Jason Mustian, CEO of Bloomjoy

With Slite, modernize your company wiki

Write together in real-time
Use Slite's real-time editor, comments and sharing options to make your team's wiki collaborative by default.

A successful company wiki is one where team members actively pitch in and update the knowledge.

Bolded channels and notes also display where there's been new activity.

What is a company wiki 

One-stop solution to emails, online chats, drive sharing on a network, and various other modes of information transfer within an organization. The company wiki system is an online solution which is quick, simple, and effective for all. It brings all company employees on one common platform where they can talk to each other, share information, extract files stored over the source, post comments on files, and get quick access to old yet important files of a company.

In the presence of a modern company wiki, an organization does not require different sources to develop communication between employees, store data, manage employees, and exchange data. It can use a wiki as a single solution for all these tasks. A wiki not just saves time and money for a company, but also helps improve productivity in the workplace. 

Why use a modern company: benefits

A company can use modern wiki as an employee hub that speeds up the business. It serves as a project management tool that allows multiple users to work simultaneously on one project. Numbers of employees can work together while being in different locations. They can work, store data, share information, and extra files of others online in a quick and secure manner. All these things are possible through a modern business wiki, which also comes with many other benefits. 

  • A wiki gives the power to create content in multiple forms, including notes, project, guidelines, policies, and others. Authorized members on the platform can access the content and store for future use. 

  • Via a wiki, employees can work together even when they are sitting in different parts of the world. They can submit files, share information, give feedback, and get inputs from their colleagues. 

  • A company can use a wiki as an employee management tool. It can keep track of employee performance and give feedback to them. 

  • Instead of sharing an important set of data individually with each employee, a company can share one file on the company wiki and allow all to access it. 

  • A wiki makes it easy for a company to store piles of information in an effective manner. Employees can easily and quickly search for the information whenever needed.

  • A wiki is easy to use. This feature encourages employees to actively take part in online group conversations, share ideas, and share files with each other. This improves productivity in the workplace.