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Discover Slite, an intuitive and collaborative knowledge base for your team.

Version history

Keep track of your team's knowledge sharing by tracking the changes and updates.

Powerful search

Browse through your knowledge and jump to answers


Use Slite's real-time editor, comments and sharing options to make your team's knowledge base collaborative.


Maintain an overview on what your team's up to thanks to bolded channels showing activity.

Access rights

Control who can access information by giving team member Admin, Reader or Writer roles.


Easily sort your content in channels and sub-channels

Josselin Raguenet
Head of Customer Service at Meero

Our team has grown from 250 people to over 700 in the last year, across different offices.Slite supports our fast growth by giving us a structured place to route people when they have questions. We now have a clear approach to knowledge documentation, distribution and maintenance.

A breeze to set up

Simple from the moment you download, to the moment you onboard your team. Discover a hassle-free way to share knowledge with your team with Slite's intuitive interface and features.

Finally, your teams will be aligned across departments about processes and information

One place for all your knowledge

Bring all of your team's knowledge in one, single, tool. Whether it's documentation from every department, or company-wide information, Slite is your single source of truth.

Collaborate and maintain

Make your knowledge base successful by getting everyone to contribute and update the knowledge. Use comments to give feedback and links to connect documents to each other.

Store all company information such as general meeting reports, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), sales review, customer support in Slite.

Why use a knowledge base software?

Knowledge plays an unparalleled role in the successful running of a team. A knowledge base gives it the position it deserves by allowing recording, documentation and easy access to all contents, activities, and processes in your team.

The management of a team knowledge base has gone beyond the old and obsolete means that involved keeping and stocking up papers. Gone are the days when all the team’s knowledge base are stored on shelves. The advent of technology has left a mark on how knowledge is managed.

It is fruitless to have your company’s knowledge stored on hard disks, flash drives, paper notes et al. In this case, the knowledge base is not easily accessible in the case of an urgent need.

A software can now be used by teams that desire to work with ease and also are targeted at efficiency and productivity. To make your internal knowledge base effective and easily reached, it's time to embrace more productive, modern, software.

Jason Mustian, CEO of Bloomjoy

Slite makes it easy to see what's relevant to your team. The interface is not overwhelming for your team and ensures that your knowledge base is always up to date.

Why use Slite for your knowledge management?

Slite makes it possible to easily store your team's contents such as reports on certain policies, suggestions as well as customer's assessment. Each member of your team is given the privilege to get involved in whatever subject matter and activities that your company is working on.

In addition to making each team member updated on the activities of your company, this software helps you with storing files, documents, and other team contents efficiently over a considerable long time. You can be sure to have the activities and processes of your team intact and adequately preserved on this software.

New and very important documents are easily kept on the software platforms as you can also easily access. Of course, your treasured team knowledge cannot fall into the wrong hands. Only members of your team with user authentication will be able to access those contents of your organization.

In a situation whereby a member of the team is unavailable for some time, a project won’t be hindered in that you can easily add another person to the work in progress. The newly introduced member of the team will be able to know the work that's been done by the team and get on the same page.

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