Bring your team documentation in one place

Slite helps your team contribute and find all internal documentation.

Simple to document, simple to organize

Slite's clutter free interface means everyone on your team can easily work around Slite to write and find any documentation across your company's departments.

Write clean, readable team documentation in instances thanks to our clean editor. Organize your documentation in channels, easily retrievable and accessible to all.

Jason Mustian

CEO of Bloomjoy

Slite makes it easy to see what's relevant to your team. The interface is not overwhelming for your team and ensures that your knowledge base is always up to date.

Find anything

Look through all of your team's internal documentation with Slite's powerful search. You'll always make the best out of your team's knowledge and work by easily browsing through all your documents.

Stay up to date on your team's work by navigating to new information via bolded channels and the activity feed.

Integrated with your workflow

Documentation goes hand in hand with collaboration. Comments get teams to give each other feedback on information. User permissions allow admins to keep constant overview on who has access to what.

Whether team documentation means meeting minutes, team projects or process documentation, it's all at the center of your workflow, in Slite.

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Stay on top of your team's documentation: try Slite, a modern tool for your team's knowledge

Why does your company need team documentation?

Team documentation enables a smoother workflow process of the organization as a whole. Documentation is useful in all aspects of the organization. When clients come around, it is necessary to have their vital information in case they would need to be contacted or referred to in the future.

The importance of team documentation in an organization cannot be substituted especially in this era of globalization. The 21st-century firm is very concerned about its employees and organizational culture, making available records and information about its team members available.

Benefits to team documentation

For one, when a project implementation process is done and achieved, the need to correct one or two things might arise; the documentation process then becomes crucial to reference to, then the decision making would be quite difficult at this stage and would also affect the workflow collaboration process.

Get your team onboard

Before you create an effective team documentation it can seem like a difficult task at the initial stage because most firms do not actually know the point in which they are meant to start off. In order to know their staff and employees, the jobs they do and do not do; it is important that team documentation is introduced. It makes the workflow process easy and accessible.

It removes the rigid nature of the workflow process. Effective team documentation brings about an effective team management. An organized team documentation process serves as a foundational block for team management in a firm or organization. Without the proper documentation of team members, it would be quite difficult to effectively manage them properly.

In understanding the company value, team documentation is a core necessity because it gives a clearer view to the dos and don’ts of the firm. To bring out the best out of your team, documentation is vital, the process team members use in the past can be reviewed and improved upon.