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Karl started a discussion
How can we educate teams about remote?
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Lily made a decision
Let’s publish a guidebook about remote
4:20 PM - PDT
Lily created a document
The abnormal guide to remote
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What’s the conclusion here?
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Georges made some changes
The abnormal guide to remote
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The abnormal guide to remote

Bring all your work to life in Docs.

From go-to-market plans and employee onboarding to release notes and project planning, we're here to help you get it on paper. Advanced tables, built-in video explainers, hundreds of integrations, and sketching make it easy to get your message across with clarity.
App available in browser or for download ↗
App available in browser or for download↗
App available in browser or for download↗
Say goodbye
to endless meetings and Slack threads.
Rich discussions is the central place for decisions to be taken thoughtfully and keep your mind clear.
Welcome to Discussions

Bring communication where work happens.
Document, discuss, decide, repeat.

Now you can open important topics with all the right people, assign deadlines, come to clear decisions that everyone sees, all in context of your doc. Your teamwork is all tied together to move forward.
I want that too

A radical change at a fair price.

Give Slite a try. Save 16% on annual commitment.
Big team? check the enterprise plan.
And of course, we cover the basics: a rich, flexible 
 with third parties, 
 tools, powerful 
, hassle-free sharing, advanced 
, built-in 
video explainers↗
 and much much more.
Discover them all

What happy teams have to say.

Alex Bass
CEO at Cyberbytes
"We're a remote company since Day 1. As the team grows, it's vital to learn from our experiments. Slite is the tool we use to do so. It helps us keep in-sync. It helps us grow."
"Slack/Google Docs just weren’t cutting it for knowledge preservation. The thing that shocked me the most is how teammates have ambient exposure to shared knowledge, without them being notified, or having to search for it."
Dave Schukin
Bug life
"Our org has 1000+ docs. The only way you can build a culture of documentation is by leading from the front."
Nick Jordan
"I had the opportunity to meet some of the team yesterday. Really inspiring to get a glimpse of their passion and thoughtfulness to make remote, async work the best it can be!"
Hampus persson
"Communication is key to scale a business. Slite is the best to keep things in writing. Easy to use for everyone. Templates to adopt the best practices. Summary to stay up to date on all topics."
"It took us forever to find the right tool for our company, we tried Evernote, Notion, Google docs, Confluence. But in one way or another, they didn’t work for us. When we tried Slite, we found something that worked great, simple, focused but also flexible."
gioacomo melzi
Kawa Studio
"Perfect example of a product that delivers the 80/20 rule. No fluff and simple. You give me the top 20% of what I need that gets 80% done. Great for managing internal teams, simplifying internal docs, onboarding docs and easy to find what you need."
"The most important thing in a wiki (in my opinion) is how tight the edit / collaboration loop is. Most wikis are pretty bad there. But Slite is an example of a wiki that allows simultaneous editing."
jade rubick
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