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Slite's AI-powered knowledge base is the fastest way to access trusted company information.
From onboarding guides to all-hands notes — just ask Slite for it.
AI Assistant
Company Home
Quick to set up, easy for the whole team, and simple to keep organised.
Project documentation and roadmap
Create a hub to plan, document and work through projects in real time.
Process documentation with sketched diagrams
Standardise workflows and processes to keep the team aligned and work tidy.
Meeting agenda
Run better meetings by sharing agendas and ideas ahead of time in scheduled Docs.
Decisions in docs
Clarify ideas and align with your team on key decisions with integrated long-form discussions.
Employee Onboarding document
Give new team members a guided experience.
Use AI to ask your workspace questions
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Stop searching, start asking.

Meet Ask: our AI-powered knowledge base assistant.
Skip searching and reading through endless docs and get the answer you know is there, in an instant.

Team work is more than chat

Nudge feature in Slite

Keep knowledge
up to date

Keep knowledge
up to date

Cut the repetitive setups

See who’s doing what

Share your work

Nudge feature in Slite

Beat the blank canvas

Ready-to-use Templates for product specs, company handbooks, meeting notes and more.
Browse templates

With the essentials that matter

A Search that delivers

Search filters

Bring in your go-to tools

Integrations list

Import your knowledge

Import your documentation

Work flawlessly

Doc switching
Doc loading
and more...
Keyboard shortcuts
Discussion loading

Discuss, decide, and
move ideas forward

Start discussions in context

Bring in the right people

Keep the conversation going

Reach clear decisions

That remain documented

And never lose track again

The connection between docs and discussions makes decision-making more efficient, transparent & contextualized.
Sebastien Gendreau

A radical change at a fair price.

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What happy teams have to say

Alex Bass
CEO at Cyberbytes
"The most important thing in a wiki (in my opinion) is how tight the edit / collaboration loop is. Most wikis are pretty bad there. But Slite is an example of a wiki that allows simultaneous editing."
jade rubick
80+ teammates
Jade Rubik
"Communication is key to scale a business. Slite is the best to keep things in writing. Easy to use for everyone. Templates to adopt the best practices. Summary to stay up to date on all topics."
150+ teammates
Lee Liu
"Slite is easier to use on daily basis. We chose to avoid a distracting tool to offer a place of focus and clarity."
Thibault Morlot
VP Operations, Shippeo
240+ teammates
Thibault Morlot
"Slite lets us bring the two most important communication tools in the same place: documentation & decision-making.
This connection makes decision-making efficient, transparent & contextualized."
Sebastien Gendreau
Head of product, AgoraPulse
175+ teammates
Sebastien Gendreau
"The reasons why certain decisions were made can be found in one place and not scattered across different Slack channels."
by Jurgita Paulauskaite
Customer Success, Tymeshift
75+ teammates
Jurgita Paulauskaite
"As we're growing fast, the ease of adoption is a crucial element when choosing a new solution. You can see Slite is more user friendly, and its similarities with Slack make it easier to adopt."
Martijn Hazelaar
Head of Digital, Vanmoof
500+ teammates
Martjin Hazelaar
We switched from Confluence to Slite because Slite is easy to use for the entire company, not just the product team. Now, our entire company writes and organizes content in Slite.
Donald Sipe
Solutions Architect, JobTarget
300+ teammates
Donald Sipe
"Perfect example of a product that delivers the 80/20 rule. No fluff and simple. You give me the top 20% of what I need that gets 80% done. Great for managing internal teams, simplifying internal docs, onboarding docs and easy to find what you need."
Cofounder & COO, THE JOB SAUCE
20+ teammates
Eric Fettner
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Teams with clarity are teams that thrive.

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