Where teams share knowledge

Create your company wiki. Collaborate on projects. Take meeting notes.


Real-time content creation

Write ideas and knowledge at the speed of notes with Slite's collaborative editor.

Keep all of your team's content clean and standardized using minimalist editing features.

Enrich your content with checkboxes, note links, images, attachments, embeds, tables and more.

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Organize all your team's content

Easily structure and navigate through your team's content in channels

Stay up to date on what your team's producing with channels that highlight latest activity.

Instantly find specific content by searching through all of your team's notes.

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Knowledge collaboration

Comment, mention and ping your teammates to encourage them to collaborate on notes.

Get your team informed of changes to notes and mentions in real-time via the notification center.

Share your notes outside your team via Slack, public sharing, export features and more.

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Notes adapt to all your team's work
Discover templates and resources made just for you
You're in great company

Some of the best teams are already transforming the way they write

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