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Easily organizing and finding your team's content is just as important as writing it.

A simpler structure for your team docs

In Slite, what your team's writing and producing is public and retrievable by default in channels—not folders. They're seamless to navigate and always a few clicks away so that your content is never buried in far-away nested folders. They're also more flexible to organize: you can drag and drop notes in channels and collections.
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Always find what you're looking for

Slite makes sure you spend less time finding relevant information and more time interacting with it. Find the right information. The search bar is always present in the app and just a shortcut away. Find your team members. The quick switch lets you find notes and people within Slite.
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Get down to the essentials: a minimalist editor

Slite's slick editor is centered around real-time edition to make it even faster to write and read content as a team. In Slite, your team writes standardized, clean content, thanks to bullet points, checklists, images, header titles. Unlike Quip's complex range of features, Slite gets your team focused on documenting and sharing so your team can focus on getting work done.

Creating is sharing

Every new note added to a channel will automatically be shared to all channel members. Keep your eyes on the prize with favourite channels and starred docs to keep your team focused.
Thousands of teams already add more focus to their work with Slite.
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Know what your team is working on

Slite gives teams a constant overview of what their team members are working on and sharing. In Slite, catching up with your team's activity is intuitive: just follow bolded channels and notes to see what's changed since you were last on Slite. You can check your team's activity feed every day to get a news stream of what your team's collaborating on.

Collaborative at its core

Slite makes knowledge sharing collaborative by making every aspect of writing and organizing designed especially for teams. In Slite, your whole team pitches in: from writing together on the real-time editor, mentioning each other in content, commenting on each other's work. Automatic version histories of your work help keep your team on track of the work that's been done.

A radical change at a fair price.

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