A place for
more focused discussions.

Tired of endless Slack threads?
In Slite, s
tart discussions with the right people, reply at your pace, and reach clear decisions—right where your work is already happening.
Open important topics with only the right people, assign deadlines, come to clear decisions, log them for all your team to see, all in context of your project documents.
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Keep track of your conversations.

Get an overview of what's ongoing, what's unresolved, and what's decided. No need to be in the right thread at the right time to stay in the loop.  

Get peace of mind you're up to date on all the important discussions. No miscommunication, no FOMO.

Move topics forward.

Some days, it feels like scattered calls and chats are the only ways to drive decisions.

Slite powers more focused, thoughtful conversations. Have the discussion in just one place, stay on topic,  and assign a decision-maker.

And reach clear decisions.

Ever feel like conversations drag on and decisions get lost in the cracks? In Slite, all your discussions stay open until participants make a decision.

Nothing stays up in the air
, progress is never blocked, and key decisions are visible to all.
Bring focus to your team with Discussions.
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