Unlocking the Power of Collective Wisdom

A guide to knowledge management for startups

In collaboration with seasoned Knowledge Managers, this all-inclusive guide provides you with tactics, resources, and wisdom to cultivate a knowledge-sharing culture, navigate the knowledge lifecycle, and fully harness the potential of your organization's shared expertise.
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"Prioritizing the structuring of internal information to ensure reliability throughout the content lifecycle and enhance long-term operational efficiency for teams is a must for any organization. We firmly believe in fostering exchange, sharing, and learning from one another's experiences to expand a team's collective wisdom. The ProKnow club is proud to have contributed to this resource, which encompasses the best practices and real-world use cases of modern-day companies and we hope you enjoy reading it!"
Alexia Courrault
President @ProKnow

What’s Inside?

Dive into the world of knowledge management in tech startups and scale-ups and discover actionable strategies to get the most out of your teams collective wisdom, through effective knowledge sharing to drive growth and innovation.

  • Knowledge Management & Startups
    Discover why it's crucial for startups. Overcome content overload and prevent knowledge drain. Thrive in distributed environments.
  • Common KM Challenges Cheatsheet
    Conquer common KM hurdles with our practical cheatsheet. From information overload to data security, equip yourself with actionable strategies for thriving in a knowledge-driven era.
  • Effective Knowledge Strategies
    Enhance knowledge management by refining workflows, extracting valuable insights, and centralizing knowledge for seamless collaboration across teams.



Candice Dugaret is a Knowledge Manager at Shine, an all-in-one pro account that combines the essentials of a traditional bank with the simplicity of an online pro account. As a partner to businesses and the self-employed, Shine simplifies their day-to-day administrative and legal processes.


Alexane Bougeard Bebin is a Knowledge Manager at Shippeo. Shippeo helps market-leading companies leverage transportation visibility to deliver exceptional customer service and achieve operational excellence.


Alexia Courrault is the President at Pro Know. The Pro Know Club aims to enrich, animate and share with peers daily initiatives on productivity and knowledge in companies.


Celia Alessandri is a Knowledge Manager at Partoo, an all-in-one solution designed for companies of all sizes to help them to keep up with the changing purchase experience and grow their business.


Maeva Goulard is working as a Sales Enablement Manager at Lucca. Lucca develops software that automates the HR and administrative processes of companies.


Melanie Clisson is a Knowledge manager consultant. Passionate about operational excellence, Mélanie simplifies and optimizes ways of working. With 6 years of experience, she supports SMEs in (re)structuring knowledge bases.

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Clara Rua is on the Design team at Slite. She juggles with all the Slite's brand codes to make our values and beliefs come to life in illustrations, projects, and visuals, amonst other things. You can find her cycling, surfing, pottery making, jump-roping, yoga-ing from the south of France to the Moroccan west coast.

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