Clarity at scale.

Our Enterprise team and features will help you easily adopt a transparent information culture to empower cross-functional communication and knowledge.

Easy and fast adoption.

Our Enterprise team is here to help with a smooth rollout and transition.

Dedicated account manager

Import and migration assistance

Tailored onbarding and rollout

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Flexible control without burden.

Slite's ease of use extends not only to our product, but how you manage it. Meaning less administrative overhead and the right amount of freedom for your team to work effectively.


Plugs into services such as Okta, GSuite or Auth0 with OpenID Connect,


Automatically provision and deprovision accounts and groups.

Granular permissions

Simple to apply individual or group access rights at any level of your structure.

Hands-free approval

Simple to request or grant access to information.

Feature control

Restrict features to suit your security policies and procedures.

Infinite versions

Continuous versioning means all changes are stored automatically.

Secure, peace of mind.

Your data is safe in our hands.




Your encrypted-at-rest data resides in our SOC2 Type 2 certified infrastructure and is regularly audited by industry-leading penetration testers and multiple checks ensure attacks are detected and blocked.

Keep work consistent between teams.

Slite's template manager means you can create a standard format across all of your teams. This not only dramatically cuts down time to capture and share information, but keeps it familiar and easy to both write and consume.

Plugged into your tools.

Slite is integrated with hundreds of existing tools, making it the ideal place to link information in a single source of truth.

Tailored to you.

Our Enterprise Advisory Team can customise pricing, contracts and SLAs to suit you best. We can assist in proof-of-concept implementations within a small team before gradually rolling out to a wider population.


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