The perfect communication tool for remote teams.

An update on your strategy, a policy in your handbook, feedback on a project or a new idea.
It's all about how we communicate.
And you deserve better.

The beta program

This next evolution of Slite gives your team richer ways to express themselves, and a new home for thoughtful discussions. It's the result of years spent working remotely and hundreds of conversations with remote leaders. Designed for your work style, now you can stop tweaking tools to yours.
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More than words can say.

Writing isn't always easy. At the heart of Slite is what others might call an editor. We call it a composer.
Compose your thoughts in the best way you know how. Built-in video explainers, simple sketches and hundreds of integrations add clarity to any point you want to get across.

Communicate at your own pace.

Some days, it feels like rushed Slack threads and back-to-back Zoom calls are the only ways to stay on top of things.
Slite powers more thoughtful, transparent discussions. Take the the time you need to reply, and keep up with conversations across timezones.

Giving you more time to think.

Ever have one of those days where you're just chasing the red dot around your screen?
I had an idea
What's the
latest on x
Sorry to
interrupt, but
They're not all urgent. Slite lets you Catch Up on what matters without the distractions. You decide what to acknowledge, dismiss, or unfollow. Fewer notifications, more focus. Just the way async should be.

The beta program

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