A simple, modern Google Docs alternative for your team

A simpler structure for your team docs

Easily organizing and finding your team's content is just as important as writing it. In Slite, what your team's writing and producing is public and retrievable by default in channels—not private folders.

Channels are seamless to navigate and always a few clicks away so that your content is never buried in far-away nested folders.

They're also more flexible to organize: you can drag and drop notes in channels and collections.

Finally know who has access to what

Slite brings ease into user permissions so that you never need to worry if the right team members have access to the right information.

In Slite, you set permissions at the channel-level: channel members can either be readers, writers or admins for all notes in a channel. You can also send public links of your content to anyone outside of your team.

Find answers in an instant

Thanks to a powerful search, Slite makes sure you spend less time finding relevant information and more time interacting with it.

The search is always present and just a command+K shortcut away.

A team-friendly alternative to Google Docs

Discover your team's content in a few clicks: bolded channels and notes indicate new activity in Slite.

An editor centered around writing, not formatting: an easy-to-use, clean, collaborative editor for your team.

Collaborate and write outside of your browser: download the Slite desktop and mobile apps for quicker access to your team's content.

In Drive, it was much harder to organize and keep track of information. Slite gives our team one place where knowledge is centralized.

Brand and Content Manager at Payfit
Margaux Lajouanie

Don't let your docs get any more disorganized: import your Google Docs into Slite