A new narrative for your knowledge base

On May 28th, we hosted another session of Office Hours. This session primarily focused on our upcoming updates related to Comments and the Slite editor UI. However, we also briefly touched upon an interesting topic: the concept of the knowledge base as a single source of truth.

For a long time, the idea of a company knowledge base being the single source of truth has been idealised. It’s envisioned as the go-to place for all answers, always up-to-date and effortlessly maintained. But realistically, has anyone ever achieved this without a dedicated team of knowledge managers? Or is this idea more of a fairy tale?

During our Office Hours, we asked our audience about this and found that some knowledge is inherently difficult to capture in a knowledge base. This includes information from development tools, project management updates, and client-facing data. Of course we can educate our teams and incentivise quick logging of information into the knowledge base. But is that really the best way to go? It likely means that we are documenting similar information in two places. And we can all agree that unnecessary extra administrative work is a sure way to quickly drain team morale.

So, is it time to rethink this narrative? At Slite, we believe it is. A knowledge base should still be a source of truth, but does it need to be the only one? Instead, what if your knowledge base could be the single entry point of truth—a trusted hub that not only contains documented knowledge but also supplements that with additional sources?

Introducing External Sources

To fulfil this vision, we launched External Sources—a feature that connects information from other tools to Slite. Rather than uploading content to Slite, this feature makes external content available for Search and Ask.

This way, when you go to Slite to search or ask a question, the response includes both the knowledge in your knowledge base and content from your connected sources, providing a more comprehensive and accurate answer.

Watch a 55-second demo on External Sources.

Give it a try and let us know what you think! Is it indeed time to change the narrative?

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