Building the Mention Sales playbook on Slite

Since 2012, Mention has been helping their customers monitor and improve their online presence. The web listening tool works with their clients on their social media performance, their PR mentions and their industry online. Over the years, the company has served over 700k customers across more than 125 countries. How does Slite help their Sales team?

Here are the main points we address in this user story, read on for the juicy details:

  • His team's top down approach to the way they collaborate
  • How he noticed his team's lost potential of knowledge sharing
  • How his team naturally started sharing knowledge on Slite

From scattered knowledge to pooled resources

When Alexandre came across Slite, he felt frustrated with their lack of knowledge sharing. His team's knowledge was spread out and more or less collaborative: Google Drive, Evernote and even in traditional notebooks.

“Most of this information was not shared and unknown to the rest of the team. Each team member was building their own sales resources, containing valuable information.” —Alexandre Gosset, Account Executive at Mention

Slite felt like the right place to start pooling these scattered resources to build a comprehensive and collaborative Sales playbook.

Creating new habits

The hardest part about introducing a new tool in a team is by far getting them to adopt it. Alexandre needed to show his team how they would get value from Slite.

He set up the Slite by creating channels such as

  • Sales pitches
  • Discovery calls
  • Stage by stage processes guidelines
  • Sales templates

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Additionally, Alexandre also created a channel with guidelines on how to best use Slite. This way, onboarding his team was much easier and, he told us, "thanks to the easy UX adoption, it was seamless."

By getting his team to bring what they know and learn every day from scattered places to one central place, Alexandre created new habits in his team. The reflex now is to write and share best practices in Slite.

Mention pro tip: create a note where you can explain for which use cases your team can use Slite to encourage adoption.

Fuelling a bottom-up collaborative hub

"At Mention, we're a self-driven team. Slite was not a top-down decision," explains Alexandre. The reason this worked for his Sales team is because each team member was given the chance to share their resources and participate in building a collaborative hub of best practices.

Due to the entrepreneurial spirit of the company, this approach is successful. Even more, it's changing the way they work every day. Not only have they finally found a way to pool their resources, they also have a much simpler way of finding useful information. They've even noticed changes in their use of Slack: "There are less interruptions in Slack because everyone knows most answer can be found in Slite."

Slite is now at the heart of their Sales process and has become an essential tool to onboard new employees. "It gives them an easy way to integrate themselves and quickly become autonomous."

Overall, Alexandre told us, "Slite has geared our team up with higher quality content that's become the fruit of our team collaboration."

Their collaboration stack

Mention facts

  • Number of employees: 60
  • Based in: Paris and New York
  • Sector: web monitoring
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