How PayFit strikes the balance between fast growth and transparency in teams

PayFit allows small and medium enterprises to easily and quickly pay their employees. Just two years ago, the company was barely launching and hired their first content manager: Margaux. Today, the fast-growing startup counts 104 employees and Margaux is now part of a five persons Marketing team. We sat down with her to chat about how the company adapts transparent collaboration to a fast growing team and, more specifically, how the Marketing team uses Slite.

Here are the main points we addressed with Margaux—read on for all the details:

  • How they adapted their value of transparency growing to 104 employees in two years using Slite
  • How they centralized meeting notes and their knowledge base
  • How the Marketing team uses Slite for their daily work and for hiring

Keeping up with a growing company and multiple teams

With the team growing to 104 employees in such a short timeframe, maintaining transparency and clear communication has been a key focus at PayFit. Every team writes a weekly newsletter of what they've done, what they're going to be doing, their relevant metrics, their hires etc.

They even held up their bi-weekly 30 minutes where all 100 employees gather for a reporting about the big things happening and about to happen at PayFit. Then, they add the summary on Slite for everyone to go back to.

“Since it's such a simple tool, people are willing to share these reports. It keeps everyone informed and maintains transparency across teams as we grow” —Margaux Lajouanie, Brand and Content Manager at Payfit

Payfit pro tip
Get every team to write up weekly reports/newsletters of their activities and share them on Slite so they're easy to share and get back to.

Fewer tools, more transparency

Beforehand, keeping tabs on notes wasn't as accessible: they were all in Slack threads, eventually lost and unread. They also had other types of content in Dropbox Paper: their PayFit bible.

Being a company payment platform, there are a lot of technical terms and details that every new hire needs to get acquainted with. They also store important knowledge on their competition. Dropbox Paper was the place they were storing all this knowledge but the organization was less than ideal: it was one long doc that was tough to look through and update.

Slite represented the right opportunity to migrate both their meeting notes and this knowledge bank to keep everything a) accessible and organized and b) easy to update.

That's not where it stops, though. All teams at PayFit have also created their own team channels in Slite—let's take a closer look at the Marketing team.

Payfit pro tip
Merge all company-wide knowledge into Slite so it's your one knowledge base and create channels, private or public, for each team to work in.

Spotlight on Marketing

The Marketing team's playbook.
Check out free Marketing playbook templates for your team

The Marketing team is made up of 5 people split into two subteams: Branding and Content—managed by Margaux—and Lead Generation. They're part of a bigger team: the Growth team made up of Marketing, Sales Accelerators, Sales, Onboarding Reps and Customer Success.

Her team used Drive pretty heavily before migrating into Slite channels. "It was much less organized and made it much harder to keep track of information," Margaux told us about switching tools. "It's nice to have one place where things are centralized."

The Marketing team takes all meeting notes in Slite and all the important knowledge they need to work efficiently can be found in a Slite channel: from hiring new people, to employee scorecards, to content.

Payfit pro tip
Use Slite for any type of content your team is producing to avoid it getting lost and disorganized. For us it's meeting notes, score cards, guidelines...

Getting the team on board

“With Drive, it was much harder to organize and keep track of info. It's nice to have one place where things are centralized” —Margaux Lajouanie, Brand and Content Manager at Payfit

Getting a new hire on board to use Slite hasn't been a hassle for the simple reason that PayFit uses Slite to onboard any new person. Slite is their knowledge hub and each new employee knows that if they have questions, it's easy to find the answers there.

Margaux takes it even further with her new hires: she creates a channel between the new-comer and her with all the to-dos, long and short-term and a scorecard to follow-up on the entire onboarding process.

She explained it was a very efficient way to onboard them into her team, of course, but also to Slite, a central product in their workflow.

Payfit pro tip
Use Slite to onboard new team members so they understand Slite is the place they'll find all knowledge and they get into the habit of using it right away.

PayFit Facts

  • PayFit allows small and medium enterprises to easily and quickly pay their employees.
  • Number of employees: 104
  • Based in: Paris and Barcelona
  • Launched in: 2015

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