Your company knowledge is more than what's in your Knowledge Base

Use Slite's AI Assistant, Ask, on external sources that you can now connect

There's a universal challenge that hinders the efficiency of teams - the scattered nature of information.

Managing and accessing information can be both stressful and challenging, given the constant influx of data in our daily work lives. Whether it's marketing briefs, policy documents, or discussions related to cross-functional projects, the struggle to keep up is real.

We attempt to search for information across tools, giving us no other option but to be kicked out of our workflow. Context switching. Tab switching. App switching. Where were you again..? It's a common scenario where we know the information exists, but the challenge lies in knowing where to go find it. In almost all cases, we have no choice but to resort to asking a teammate. Wasting time and energy. Not feeling able to do our job autonomously nor successfully.

Stay in your workflow with external sources

While Slite aims to centralize company-wide knowledge, the reality is your company knowledge is more than what's in your knowledge base. Your team communication occurs in Slack, your project management or product development happens in Linear, and in many cases, some of your documents still live in Google Docs.

Don’t get us wrong - we value those tools as much as you do. Each of them are no doubt indispensable. Locating the right pieces of information, however, often involves navigating a complex maze of tabs and apps. This constant context switching frequently results in dissatisfaction, demotivation, and a lack of autonomy.

To help teams get instant answers, no matter where the information lives, Slite now connects with external sources starting with Slack, Linear, and Google Docs. Since your knowledge base is your centralized hub for company-wide knowledge, it felt like a no-brainer to connect your most used tools directly to Slite, supercharging your centralized hub of knowledge. Eliminating the need for tedious searches across scattered tools (or teammates) and the constant tab-switching that disrupts your workflow countless times a day.

How the feature works

We’ve made it easy to spot connected sources in your search results and Ask responses so you’ll always know where the information is coming from, with the ability to open the original source with a direct link from Slite if you want to delve deeper.

Discover a dedicated settings page for this powerhouse feature, offering options to remove sources, sync them manually, open original sources, and tweak team access. Empower your team to connect external sources, with a clear view of who added what and when. You're in charge—decide if everyone in your workspace should wield the full Search and Ask potential across all connected sources or reserve that power exclusively for yourself.

We know not everyone may frequent the knowledge base and will prefer to stay in their flow, so for them, our Chrome extension and 'Auto Ask' in Slack is the perfect solution.

With the Chrome extension you have the convenience of accessing information from your browser. You can search docs and Ask questions on your knowledge base as you browse the web without the need for constant tab or app switching - one way to make sure you get the answers you need, when you need them. So if you're in a customer facing role, and you really need the answer there and then - it's perfect for you.

The extension adds a button to your browser toolbar, so you can easily click on the purple hand icon whenever you want to search or find answers. Just like in the app, you'll be able to see and access the sources for all of your answers, right from the extension. The extension also displays the latest edited and visited docs, so you can easily pick up where you left off - wherever you are.

Next up is getting answers directly in Slack. They're two ways to do that. The more traditional way of tagging @slite followed by your question. Do it this way and expect the answer plus the links to the original sources so you can be absolutely confident when it comes to trusting this little AI powered Slite companion.

Now for the more powerful way. Once you've added @slite to your favourite Slack channels you need to do no more! Whenever you ask a question in the channel, lets say you've posed the question to your teammates - if Slite has the answer, it will instantly share it with you. We've eliminated the need to mention @slite, so you can stay in the zone, maintain your focus and welcome your new Slite co-pilot to your team!

Get ready to transform your workflow—unleash the full potential of Search & Ask.

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