Don't delay decisions

Remote work means you will collaborate with people on different schedules and in different timezones. But you don't need to reach consensus with all of them before making a decision. It's a version of a philosophy long held in the startup world. Call it a "bias for action," "move fast and break things," or "ask forgiveness not permission." Don't let fear of anything - disagreement, failure, being wrong - prevent you from moving forward on a project.

We've developed Slite Discussions with this philosophy in mind. We wanted to facilitate remote communication that ended in action. That's why all Discussions are closed with decisions, and all decisions are documented and stored. We call it "fast async."

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Async doesn't have to be slow

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Christophe Pasquier
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Christophe Pasquier is Slite’s co-founder and CEO. Chris’ goal is to help teams do incredible work in better environments, by helping them embrace remote work and async communication. He currently lives in Berlin with his wife and baby Noé. Find him @Christophepas on Twitter!

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