How to build SMART goals - A guide & template

What are SMART goals? How to set SMART goals with your team and get things done?
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March 1, 2021

Goal setting is one of the foremost steps of planning a project, be it small or big. From finding guidance to direction, there are a number of things that a goal can help decide. Apart from that, it improves productivity and encourages team members to overcome challenges. SMART goal examples serve as a method to accomplish a project's objectives in the most effective ways. Using the SMART goal, an organization can design structure to accomplish objectives while encouraging employees to improve productivity in the workplace.


In order to set an achievable goal, it is essential for a company to be specific. Here, the organization can consider things like who needs to be involved in a project, what is the ultimate objective, and why a company wants a goal.


A team working on a project needs to know metrics to determine whether they are going to achieve objectives or not. When the members know these metrics, they get a method to measure the progress of a project.


In the SMART goal examples, this part helps a team realize if a goal is achievable or not. Apart from that, the team members can figure out ways to accomplish a target. They can create a layout or develop small milestones to meet the bigger objective.


It deals with focusing on things that help achieve organizational objectives or accomplish a goal. For example- If a company is planning to introduce new services or launch a new product, then it is necessary to ensure that the services/products align with the overall business.


Planning goals may not be a difficult task, but a company is not going to achieve them when they lack realistic timing. There should be deadlines to accomplish objectives within a specific period of time

How to use SMART Goal Examples

SMART goal examples are extremely helpful throughout a project. They help tune a strategy and ensure that everyone involved in the project is contributing to meet the objectives within a deadline. These examples are useful only when companies are applying or using them in the right way.


If employees don't know what they want to achieve and who is working with them, then there are chances that a project is going to become a disaster. A company needs to bring all its members involved in a project on a common platform where they can work together as one unit. It should be an online platform that allows an organization to effectively collaborate with employees sitting miles away from the main office.

Share the goals

Making organizational goals public empowers team members to achieve them. When they are aware of the bigger picture, employees can effectively work together as one team and understand their roles in a project. Apart from that, a shared goal also encourages project members to discuss their ideas with each other and contribute to play their part well.

Talk about the bigger picture

The best SMART goal examples are the ones that show people the bigger picture. When project members come to know what should be the end results, they pay more attention to their work and make efforts to stay on track. In addition, this also serves as an opportunity for seniors or project managers to track employees' work to make sure that everyone is working in the right direction.

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