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What is a user persona template

A user persona template is a modern-day tool that allows you to quickly and effectively do productive research on potential customers. These may be your current clients who like to buy from you. Using the technique, a company and its marketing team collect information to recognize what existing customers want in the product. The team may conduct a survey or use various kinds of tools to understand the needs of potential and current clients.  

One of the major advantages of using a user persona template is that it allows an organization to quickly write effective examples. A company can add concepts or individuals' information. In addition, a creator can edit the template to add necessary information to it. 

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What to add to a user persona 

Whether you are using a template or creating a user persona on your own, there are multiple essential things it needs to have. 

Basic info: First of all, it is necessary to decide what message you want to deliver to your potential audience. In addition, it should be with some basic information. It includes a title, an image of persona, personality, a quote, and demographics. It will tell people reading the persona that the information is genuine and helpful.

Story: Write some interesting words about the user whose persona you are creating. In this section, you can also describe what encourages the individual to become a loyal customer or what are their priorities. In addition, it must also include what your persona is looking for in the product.

Details: Use this section of your user persona template to describe the things that motivate the persona for actions. These could be anything, including achievements, growth, power, or fear. Here, you can also use pictures of products your persona like the most. 

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In Slite, you can create your persona template and duplicate it each time you study a new persona. Your entire team can use the template and add their ideas.

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Slite serves as an online tool for a company to write real-time notes and distribute them to team members. In the case of creating user persona, the platform allows an organization to create notes in the real-time and share them with its top management. They work together to make sure they have added crucial information required to write an effective user persona.

Organize all your research and data

Don't lose your work! Slite allows you to organize content or files shared by other users over the network. Using the online platform, you can edit their files or see changes made by them.