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How to maintain team culture and bonding?
Tim, HR
How are the best remote companies working?
How to onboard new employees?
What method to implement a remote culture?
How to maintain productivity?
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How can I coach managers to remote?
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You learn from other remote teams

60% of teams on Slite are distributed, and we’re constantly learning and making Slite better for them.

We’ve made all the mistakes already

We’ve been a remote team since 2016, spread across eight countries.

Remote work isn't going anywhere

Most teams are becoming hybrid remote and some are making the full remote choice. All are facing the same challenges.

What you can expect from our chat

We’ll chat for 30 minutes, tailoring the conversation to your needs.

Identify your blind spots

We’ll start by asking you about your experience with remote, so we can make the conversation more relevant.

Get personalized advice

From the tools you should be using, to key habits you might be missing, we’ll try to address the needs you don’t know you have yet.

Learn the practices of the best remote teams

See how remote-ready teams handle key processes like meetings, projects, hiring, managing and documentation.

Employee onboarding

Team handbook

1:1 meetings

Running projects

And many more

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