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Most 21st century companies and enterprises are switching from the old, tough method of documenting, organizing, and exchanging knowledge to an easier and more efficient means of performing these functions. Yes, I’m talking about a company wiki.

A company wiki centralizes the storage of a company’s information and knowledge. It connects wiki pages through the use of hyperlinks. This ensures that these pages can be easily accessed without having to search for a long period of time. A company wiki allows its users to make real-time edits and these changes will be effected immediately.  

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Before you create your company wiki, you have to consider what type of wiki your company requires. If your company is similar to those that have confidential information that should be limited to the members of staff, the type of company wiki you should consider is a private wiki.

What is a private wiki? This is a type of wiki that can be viewed or accessed by a few people. This limits access to other people who are not part of the select few. Depending on the company, they might be able to view but not edit the content of the pages, or they might be able to neither view nor edit the contents of the wiki pages.

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Finally, a user-friendly private wiki

Easy to use for anyone on your team. Slite's light-weight editor, simple collaborative features and intuitive channel structure, make it a breeze for all your teammates to get a hang of.

Handle user permissions

Keep your content secure by easily knowing who has access to what. Use open channels for everyone on your team and private channels for specific people. Need to handle access rights per channel? It only takes a click: choose whether you want your teammates to be readers, writers or admins of specific information.

Find information in a flash

Search for and access your team's internal knowledge in a flash by searching and browsing through all the content. Your company wiki holds all the answers, they should be easy to find.

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Great user interface

Easy-to-use note application with great UX designed that can be easily understood by everyone.

Collaborative features

Easy to share and process information within a team or company.


Slite allows you and everyone in your company to easily access the company’s data and information.

Jason Mustian, CEO of Bloomjoy

Slite makes it easy to see what's relevant to your team. The interface is not overwhelming for your team and ensures that your knowledge base is always up to date.

Why use Slite for your private wiki

  1. Great user interface: Most note applications get it was when it comes to their design. Without taking anything away from their functionality, these applications often have terrible user experience due to their interfaces. Slite, however, is an easy-to-use note application with great UX designed that can be easily understood by everyone.

  2. Collaborative features: Slite was designed to tackle problems that are faced by people who are working in teams. With Slite, it is very easy to share and process information within a team or company.

  3. Transparency: The Slite application ensures that there's transparency among members of a team or company.

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